A Quick Guide to collecting evidence bundles for a criminal case

by Robert White

An evidence bundle is the collection of essential material for a criminal case, providing crucial information. The evidence is used to determine whether or not the defendant is guilty, so it is important to the defendant that all supportive evidence is maintained.  It requires a great deal of experience and understanding of the case to collect evidence bundles.

Criminal investigations can be complicated, so it is not an easy task to provide a basic template for collecting evidence bundles. However, there are some legal rules, processes and important concepts that can be applied in almost every case. Collecting evidence bundles for any criminal case requires a great deal of thought, and an investigator needs to make critical decisions rapidly. There should be a proper investigation plan. Here are some suggestions for collecting evidence bundles if you are dealing with a criminal case:

Common mistakes to avoid when collecting evidence bundles

No one is perfect, people make mistakes, but we cannot afford to make mistakes while collecting evidence bundles. Mistakes can lead to poor results with significant consequences. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Working with poorly trained investigators can lead to contamination of evidence at the crime scene.
  • Poor handling of missing data is another common mistake. When information is missing, you need to take a fresh approach to solve the problem and find an answer.
  • Another common mistake is poor monitoring of the data. You need to establish an efficient data collection strategy to avoid poor results.
  • Inefficient protection of data is another common mistake; there should be an effective strategy in place for protecting evidence from contamination. Otherwise, it will affect the results severely.

How can a criminal lawyer help you to collect evidence?

There is a misconception about who is permitted to collect evidence and who is not. Police are not the only people who can collect evidence. In reality, all information gathered by a lawyer is considered to be evidence. The lawyer can visit the crime scene if he wants to observe it. Evidence is extremely critical as it has a strong impact on the presentation of the entire case and affects the result of a criminal case. Therefore, a lawyer must have experience in evidence collection in order to participate effectively. The lawyer must know how to collect it appropriately, and how to understand and present its relevance in court.

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