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Our translation agency “Kings of Translation” is a team of young and enthusiastic professionals who translate both verbally and in writing. Our team includes the best – skilled, experienced and specialist translators who are easily able to execute a wide range of complex translation tasks for you. We always carry out our work responsibly, with care and due diligence, following the terms and requirements of confidentiality.

“Kings of Translation” carries out translations of all types. We complete translations of financial, legal, medical, marketing, website texts and many other kinds of documents. We also specialise in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. As translation activities cover a large variety of formats, it goes without saying that there cannot be one interpreter who is knowledgeable in all areas. Every translator in our team specialises in a particular field and, as well as their foreign language education; they are further qualified in their specialist subject in order to work in the relevant field of translation, such as legal, economic, medical, etc. Even our general translators, who do not have such specialised qualifications in a particular field, have accumulated considerable experience in different areas, for example, legal, economic work, etc.

“Kings of Translation” also has a team of “in-house” professional text editors. It is standard practice, within our agency, to use such an editor. As the translator completes the translation, the text is sent to the editor to verify that the translated text meets any language style and grammatical requirements – and, if necessary, they will then correct the text. The ideal scenario is when the text is submitted to the foreign language editor before the translation because having access to the correct original text will help the translator to perform their work to an even higher standard.

“Kings of Translation” is one of the few translation agencies offering such premium services on a daily basis, around the clock. Generally, sensible translation deadlines and the quality of our translations are our priorities – but we are always available should you need an urgent translation. After receiving a customer’s request, we usually respond within 15 minutes. To achieve even better results, we continuously interact with our customers, striving to meet their needs and implement them as effectively as possible.

“Kings of Translation” saves its customers’ time and money by streamlining its operations. For example, a document confirmation service for translated documents is available, both in the form of a translation agency’s stamp or a full notarization. We also provide a secured document delivery service. In the cities of London and Vilnius, this service can be used free of charge if the price of the job is greater than 60 GBP.

Here at “Kings of Translation” we always take great care of our customers – not only by giving them fantastic service – but also the opportunity to take advantage of many attractive offers and deals on our services.

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