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Certified Translation of French Birth Certificate into English

by Robert White
Either you are looking for a long-term visa to live in another country or work across international borders, you are definitely going to need several important documents to be translated. A certified French translation is an integral part of any legal translating documentation procedures. Many countries demand certified translations when it comes to legal paperwork and other legal scenarios, including immigration, business and corporate dealings and college applications etc. Reputable translation services ensure quality and accuracy by entrusting the certified translations to their best-qualified and most experienced translators.

Why do you need to translate your birth certificate?

Birth certificates are one of the most important legal document that is crucial, especially when you are travelling abroad. A birth certificate is considered to be an integral part of your legal documents as it provides a proof of your identity. A birth certificate is more than just a document as it provides extensive details regarding your birth. It includes your name, birth date, your mother’s name, father’s/guardian’s name, sibling, current spouse and your legal representative etc. It is a wise idea to get your French birth certificate translated because it would be useful when you are travelling abroad such as immigration or any other purpose and the primary language of that country is not the same as yours.
Birth certificates are also needed to get a marriage license in any country. Nowadays, people love to get married to their dream locations, but it is essential to prepare all legal documentation translated to make your ceremony go smooth.

Certified translation of French birth certificate into English

The primary purpose of translation is to spread idea and information of the individual and make it accessible to everyone. English is undoubtedly the most widely spoken language across the globe. English language has a minimum of around 330 million natives and is 3rd most spoken language in the world currently. The English language is the second language of the majority of the population which shows the power of this language itself. French people love travelling! They love to explore various places for food, family vacations, or to enjoy the wanderlust. Some French people also have to migrate to other countries for business or accommodation purposes etc. If you are one of them, getting your documents specifically birth certificate translated into English will benefit you in surplus ways because of English language dominancy around the world. There are many situations where you’ll be needing your birth certificate that includes
  • Immigration A birth certificate is among the most important document needed for immigration purposes. Either you apply for a temporary visa or a permanent residency in a foreign country, providing the necessary documents in the official language of that country is the primary requirement. You need to provide certified translation copies of your important documents for proceeding further in your immigration procedure.
  • Legal scenarios Legal scenarios involve legal paperwork that demands a certified translation of your important documents, especially the birth certificate such as hearings or trials. For instance, your French birth certificate needs to be translated into the English language for evidence or a trial transcript that needs to be submitted to a foreign government or a legal body.
  • Business and corporate dealings Corporate and business dealings are an integral part of organizations, especially those who are searching to increase their visibility on an international scale. For such purposes, certified translations would be indeed an important step. If you are a French citizen who wants to trade in a foreign country, you need to prepare your legal documents first and get them translated beforehand to avoid any problem afterwards.
  • Enrollment in educational institutes Whether you are a French mother, who has recently been shifted to UK, USA or another country where English is the prominent language or a French student who came abroad to study for getting higher education. Educational institutes will likely demand you for submitting certified translations of your documents before enrolment. Also, in the majority of countries, you need to present your transcripts and diplomas in the certified translation before you apply for a foreign college. So, it’s essential to confirm and get your documents translated and certified before bearing any loss.
Kings of translation provide impeccable translation services with the help of their entrusted and highly-experienced certified translators that can get the job done right for you. The accredited translators at Kings of translation have a strong grip over multiple languages and can get your documents translated with utmost perfection. The ordering procedure is quite simple, and they provide quality services in the most reasonable pricing. Kings of translation have a team of certified translators that provides you with qualitative translation services promptly and efficiently. If you are distressing over finding the best-certified translation of French birth certificate into English and it’s causing hindrance in your visa or other proceedings, you need to consider Kings of translation who are undoubtedly providing the best legal translation services the UK.

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