Translation of a Chinese Marriage Certificate – What You Need to Know

by Robert White
Chinese marriage certificate translation

Chinese is already one of the most common languages spoken in the world and an increasing number of people are signing up to learn this language, as a strategy to open up new personal or professional opportunities. The ability to speak Chinese can open up job opportunities in Chinese economy, politics, entertainment, history, or business. There are many people who even take the Chinese proficiency tests to learn Chinese in a better way, either for personal or professional reasons.

As the business world develops a wider international base,  it is important for businesses to have the ability to translate  business documents from one language to another. Personal documents will also need to be translated for a range of reasons. One such document is a Chinese marriage certificate which will need to be translated if you are applying for immigration, considering pension eligibility, or determining the distribution of assets at the time of divorce.  

If you are based in the UK, this guide will help you arrange translation services when necessary. We will also discuss a few interesting tips for learning Chinese, so you can communicate directly with locals if you are going to China for work or personal reasons.   

Major things to consider while learning Chinese

There are a few preliminary steps to learning Chinese:

  • First of all, you need to know how sentences are structured.  In Chinese, the order of words used in sentences is the same as that of English: for example, subject, verb, and object. However, in Chinese, the subject is not sometimes clear.
  • Chinese is said to be a tonal language as most of its words have different tones. As each tone of a word can depict a separate meaning, you must learn about tones as a preliminary element of learning this language.  
  • Chinese text is very different to other languages, including English, so you need to learn the Chinese characters. There are many characters used in the Chinese language, although it is not necessary to memorize them all in the beginning. A basic understanding of a few Chinese characters is enough.

In the first few days of learning, try listening to Chinese as much as possible. In this way, you will not only get to know about the Chinese words but their sounds as well. Whatever you hear, write it down in a notebook and then read the words or sentences regularly as this will definitely improve your learning process.

Learning Chinese before traveling to China

If you are visiting China, either as a part-time or full-time student or just to explore it, it is not necessary to learn Chinese in detail. However, learning some basic Chinese words and phrases will make life much easier in China. It is also beneficial to learn about Chinese numbers as you will definitely encounter numbers in China, from price tags to signs and seats or car numbers. So, learn Chinese numbers as well as the symbols. In addition, you also want to have a basic understanding of how words are pronounced.   

Before traveling to China, you should learn some basic phrases, such as how to say ‘Hello’ or ‘No’ in Chinese or Mandarin. The correct way of saying ‘Hello’ and ‘No’ in China is “ni hao” and “bu yao” respectively.

Chinese marriage certificate translation services in the UK?

If you need translation services for documentation such as a Chinese marriage certificate, Kings of Translation has a team of certified translators and interpreters who specialise in Chinese and other languages.

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