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Consecutive Interpreting


Consecutive interpreting is a form of verbal translation in which the translator starts to interpret information after the speaker stops talking. They then complete the whole or a part of the speech that has been made. When talking, the speaker will need to pause periodically so the interpreter can translate what has just been said. These pauses are not usually long. In general, the translator usually formulates their interpretation while the speaker is still speaking. They then convey what has been said during the pause. In consecutive interpreting, the translator must retain in their mind the content of the speech uttered by the speaker until they actually start interpreting, which, of course, is very difficult.

Consecutive interpreting: what should you know?

Consecutive interpreting is commonly used in events where there are a limited number of participants. Generally, consecutive interpreting is required in the following instances:

  • Direct negotiations.
  • Virtual negotiations.
  • Negotiations on the phone.
  • Seminars, smaller types of meetings with a few participants.
  • Press conferences.
  • Receptions, celebrations – speeches, orders of service, background organisation and administration.
  • Presentations, exhibitions.
  • Equipment adjustment and installation with the participation of foreign specialists.
  • Excursions for guests from abroad, accompanying delegations.
  • Court hearings, interviews of foreign nationals, any notarised acts with the participation of a foreigner

It is important to highlight the benefits of consecutive interpreting:

  • It is not necessary to rent any special equipment to increase the fluidity of the event.
  • This type of interpreting can be used in the course of various activities, during industrial operations, negotiations,     presentations, etc.
  • Participants have more free time and can use this time to consider other issues (for example, those which may have arisen during the negotiations).
  • Hiring one qualified interpreter for consecutive interpreting costs less, because in the case of simultaneous interpreting, at least two simultaneous interpreters would need to be hired.

Of course, consecutive interpreting also has some disadvantages, for example:

  • Due to the frequent pauses the duration of the event increases.
  • In the event of consecutive interpreting, the speaker’s speech is interpreted into only one foreign language.
  • This type of interpreting is intended for events involving a small or limited number of people.
  • During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter’s pace is slower because when he or she starts speaking, they need to recall from memory all the information spoken by the speaker.

Consecutive interpreting: how much does it cost?

The exact price of interpreting can only be provided once we have assessed your needs in detail.  We usually send our pricing proposal within 15 minutes of receiving your request. Find out the exact price now. Find out




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