Cooperation with the customer contributes to the success of the translation

When it comes to the quality of translations, much depends on the translator’s education, their preparation for work, and their competence. It is often overlooked though, that the customer’s cooperation with the translator(s) is also a significant contributor to the success of any translation project. Planning is important. Translators value the customer cooperating with them; mainly by providing as much information for the translation as possible. The more difficult the work, and the shorter the deadline, the closer the communication between the translator and the customer should be to ensure the translation goes smoothly. In an ideal situation, the customer will be proactive and willing to engage in the translation process. It is worth emphasising that the customer’s actions, such as frequent delays, in responding to queries, getting the necessary documents to the translator, explaining difficult or complex texts, etc. do hurt the translation’s quality as it shortens the time available to do the work. It is also vital that the customer submit a correct original text – it is essential for translators to understand the meaning of this text – this way the translation can be correctly executed. It is critical to the success of any translation project that both parties realise that the translator and the customer are partners working towards one goal – a quality translation. We always endeavour to cooperate with our customers to achieve the best results.

The most important thing is to focus on the customer

Customers who work with us can be fully confident that their interests will be respected. Our customers have a right to feel that they are very important to us. Many companies in the translation market have a tendency, with time, to devote less and less attention, and less and less service to their customers once they have become a client after they have paid the agreed fees. “Kings of Translation does not work like this. We fully recognise that poor service will never satisfy customers. We understand how important it is to cooperate with the customer before, during, and after the translation. You are welcome to call or visit our office at any time to check us out for yourselves – in the meantime – if there is a quick question we can help with – please get back to us …

What will we give to our customer?

By choosing to cooperate with our translation agency, you can be assured that you will be guaranteed the opportunity to:

  • Communicate with friendly staff, ask questions, get accurate answers.
  • Formalise the cost of work in advance.
  • Always be aware of the progress of the work.
  • Choose the best way to communicate with translators.
  • Get quality translations on time, within the agreed deadline.


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