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How do you apply for a driving licence in the UK?

by Robert White

According to UK law, a person has a legal right to drive a car or any other vehicle on public roads from the age of 17 years, once they have a valid driving licence. Once you pass your driving test, you will receive a driving licence which means you are legally eligible to drive.  In short, before driving a vehicle in the United Kingdom, it is crucial to meet all the legal requirements that not only apply to the driver but to the vehicle as well.

In this post, we will discuss the procedure of getting a provisional driving licence along with the important tips for a driving licence test. Moreover, by reading this post, you will also come to know why it is important to have a legal driving licence in the UK. If your current driving licence is from another country and in a language other than English, we can show you how to arrange a certified Driving License translation.

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How to Apply for a Provisional Driving License?

Before you can start learning to drive or take the driving test, you need to apply for a provisional driving licence. In England, Scotland and Wales, all driving licences are issued by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority). While you need to be aged 17 or above to qualify for a driving licence, you can apply for a DVLA provisional driving licence from the age of 16 years old and nine months.  Visit the DVLA website to apply for a provisional licence.

To apply for the first British provisional driving licence, the first requirement is that you must be a resident of Great Britain (Scotland, England, and Wales). Moreover, you must meet the minimum eyesight requirement and minimum age requirement as well. If you need glasses to meet the eyesight requirement, you must wear them every time you drive. Plus, to get a provisional driving licence, you must have a valid UK passport, original identity documents, and a passport-sized photograph. You also need to provide your physical address, and confirm where you have been living for the last three years.

Provisional drivers are not allowed to drive alone. They must always have a person sitting on the front passenger seat supervising them. The accompanying person must be aged 21 years or over and have a valid driving licence for the past three years. The total cost of applying for a provisional licence is £34 which is payable by card at the end of the application process. You can apply for a provisional licence online or through the post. Whatever method you choose, you must fulfil the necessary requirements. You will receive your provisional license within three weeks upon confirming your identity.

Important Tips for Your Driving Licence Test

There are mainly three types of driving tests in the UK. These include the hazard perception test, the theory test (multiple choice questions), and a practical test. You must pass the DVSA theory test before taking the practical driving test. The practical driving test, which lasts for around 40 minutes, involves an examiner sitting in the car with you to assess your driving skills.

You will improve your chances of passing your driving test, if you have plenty of lessons beforehand. Be punctual to your test, and try to take the test in a car that you know well and in which you feel comfortable, so that you will feel confident during the test.

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