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A Guide to Translation of English Birth Certificate

by Robert White

A certified translation of birth certificate is essential when applying in an educational institute or to apply for a visa or passport. For an accurate and professional translation of an English birth certificate, it is extremely important to arrange for the document to be translated by an accredited translation agency.

This guide shares all the important information relevant to the translation of English birth certificates. Is it difficult to translate English into different languages? How English is different from other languages such as Japanese, Dutch, French, etc.? You will get answers to all these questions in this guide. So, let’s get started!


Is it difficult to translate English into different languages?

The goal of translation is to find the equivalent meaning of a word or sentence in a different language.  It can be particularly challenging to maintain accuracy when translating official documents,  especially when the source and target languages are not closely related, as they may not have  equivalent words. This is often an issue when translating  an English  document into other languages. One reason for this is that many English words have a variety of different meanings, so the translator must have a clear understanding of the context of the sentence in order to identify the correct definition and choose an equivalent word in the target language.

English is also difficult to translate due to cultural differences in the languages. To overcome this, translators should understand both English grammar and culture, and understand that  every sentence in English has a specific structure in relation to the subject, object, and verb. So translating English into other languages also involves rearranging the key words in the sentence as other languages do not have the same sentence structure.

Remember, every language has its own restrictions. These restrictions may play a huge role in creating a good or average translation.

How English is different from other languages?

If we compare English with French, some words are pronounced the same in both languages, yet they have different meanings. French and English both have silent letters, although not the same letters are silent. When comparing English with Dutch, auxiliary verbs are present in English but not in Dutch. For example, the verb ‘do’ is present in English but not in Dutch.

English is also different from the Japanese language in terms of the intonation system, sentence structure, alphabets, vowels, and phonology. Like Dutch, the Japanese language does not have auxiliary verbs. 

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