Translation of English Marriage Certificate | What You Need to Know

by Robert White
English marriage certificate translation

Did you know that English is the most commonly spoken language in the world? It is the official language of more than 53 countries and also said to be the language of the Internet, entertainment, media, and international communication.  The wide reach of the English language means it is a necessity to speak English if you want to study or find work abroad.   

While English is a challenging language to learn, this language can change your life and can create many opportunities for you in different fields of life. The sentence structure, pronunciation, grammar and spelling rules in English are quite unique in comparison with other languages, and there are many inconsistencies in the rules within the language itself, making it difficult for a novice.   

When it comes to translation of official documents, such as a marriage certificate, it is important to seek out a experienced professional translator, who will ensure the translation is accurate and authentic. 

Want to know more about the benefits of learning English and how it is different from other languages? Or do you need to translate your marriage certificate that is in the English language? This article will explain everything you need to know.

Why is it important to learn English?

English is the most common language for international businesses, study, traveling, entertainment, internet, politics and tourism. We often hear that learning the English language is very important, but why? Let’s get to know why learning English is crucial these days:

  • Communication throughout the global workforce is predominantly conducted in English, so it is known as the language of business. 
  • English is one of the most common second languages spoken by bilingual people. So a knowledge of English not only gives you the opportunity to converse with native speakers, but also speak to people from other countries who also know English as a second language.
  • The ability to speak English can help you advance in life both personally as well as professionally.
  • When you can speak English, you have access to the world of entertainment because the most popular films or books in the world are produced or published in this language.

Is English different from other languages? How?

English is different from many other languages of the world in terms of pronunciation, verbs, conjugations, sentence structure, vocabulary, and spelling. If we compare English with Spanish, English has many different vowel sounds than the Spanish. It is also different from Japanese as auxiliary verbs can be found in English, but while they are not present in the Japanese language, leading to differences in sentence structure as well.

While silent letters are present in both English and French languages, but they are presented differently in each language.

How Kings of Translation may help you with English Translation?

When it comes to translating documents, you need to rely on an experienced professional. If you want to translate any official documentation, such as your English marriage certificate, do not look further than Kings of Translation. With extensive experience in the translation industry, we can provide you with certified translations, of legal and business documents, and also essential personal documentation, such as an English marriage certificate.   

What sets us apart from other UK translation agencies is our top-notch translation service, budget-friendly rates, accurate and certified translations, and our high level of customer service. Every translation comes with a signed document stamped by Kings of Translation, to indicate that Kings of Translation has translated your marriage certificate.

Serving clients throughout the United Kingdom, we are proud of our expert and qualified translators who can translate your documents into hundreds or thousands of languages while staying true to the original context and meaning. At Kings of Translation, you will receive a complete and accurate translation of your documents at competitive price rates.

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