The Consequences of Ill-Researched Medical Translations

by Robert White


Patients rely on the words of doctors to heal them. And the doctors rely on medical procedures, accurate research notes, and other instructions translated into their native language to completely heal the ailing. As you can tell, any error in the translation can be catastrophic. Following are a few reasons why medical translations need to be accurate.

English to Lithuanian

Risky medical translation causes death

Remember, readers, medical translations are not about converting instructions and researching into English to Lithuanian. These documents are representatives of information to help the local communities in a broader scope. They aim to assist through localised versions since a severe language barrier exists.

Most doctors and patients need help understanding their medical state. However, the information is more crucial for doctors to realize the correct course of treatment and explore new forms of therapies. A poorly translated document will falsely lead the doctor, resulting in death or other dire consequences. A well-performed translation will build trust between the doctor and patient and avoid unfortunate errors that can sometimes stop research studies.

Puts the masses at risk

When a linguist performs a document from the medical field, they indirectly influence medical evolution and billions of lives. Their primary job description is ensuring correct and reliable information is put into the market. An English to Lithuanian medical translation carries the following attributes:

  • Expiration date/shelf time
  • Contradictions
  • Dosage instructions
  • Frequency of prescription
  • Potential interaction with other drugs
  • Side effects from mild to severe
  • Warnings
  • How to use it?
  • How to store?

When instructions are not transparent or complicated, they affect the following variables for the worst. Furthermore, an ill-performed medical translation defeats the purpose of educating the users due to the nature of the product/use.

Medical translations are inflexible

In the medical industry, specific terms carry specific meanings. Words such as non-cemented, non-modular cemented, and without cement are completely unique associated with knee surgery. If the instructions are not well-translated, it means twice the surgery and doubles the recovery time.

In severe cases, there may not be a surgical alternative. It means long-lasting side effects with potential amputations and permanent hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, ill-constructed English to Lithuanian translation can overwhelm the doctors in identifying complications mid and after surgery. Therefore, medical translations provide no room for error, with omissions being just as harmful as confusion.

Causes approval complications

Medical documents comprise clinical trials, research reports, pharmaceutical dossiers, biochemistry and bio-safety guidelines, and other associated fields. Medicine is a comprehensive form of science that loses its meaning completing when translated improperly.

Furthermore, context is required to undertake research. Therefore, inexperienced or curious researchers may fall into intricate details due to an ill-put translation. As a result, the study loses funds, the researchers lose credibility, and hours have gone to complete waste. Furthermore, it is also the patient’s right to understand their medical progression and why the doctor suggests a particular treatment in their native language.

Accurate translation is needed for research

The medical industry is strictly observed due to the life and death results. Therefore, countries and provinces have strict laws to regulate medicine dosage or administering treatment to clear misconceptions and protect lives in the long run.

As laws vary all over the world, it is very challenging to get approval for the medicine. However, it is possible with English to Lithuanian translation that satisfies the regulations of the intended country. Regardless, the manufacturer will put together a plethora of documents to present a well-research platform, such as case studies, research protocols, packaging outlay, synopsis, research reports, patent registration, and a summary.

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