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Everything you need to know about Translating a French Birth Certificate

by Robert White

A birth certificate is the official certificate that documents the birth of a person, and it contains vital identifying information such as the individual’s name and date of birth, the names of the individual’s parents, the exact birth place and the country of birth. There are many reasons why you may need a certified translation of a birth certificate, such as legal or academic use, to be present to a passport office, to apply for a visa, or for submission to state or federal Governments.

France is popular as a beautiful place to travel and for its unique and significant contributions to science and art. While most people visit France just to explore it, many people travel to France to continue their studies at any of France’s world-class academic institutes. If you are traveling to France as a student, it is essential for you to arrange a certified translation of your birth certificate. Conversely, many French people will find themselves in situations where they need a translation of their birth certificates from French into English – for example, if they are applying for immigration to the UK.

Today’s post highlights everything about the translation of a French birth certificate. You will learn the importance of learning French before you visit France and how the French language is different from other languages. So, read on till the end!

Is it important to learn French when you are visiting France?

Absolutely yes! It is always a good idea to learn the official language of the country which you are visiting. So in the case of France, you must learn French!

France is said to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world, with more than 87 million people visit France every year. If you know French as well, any trip to France will become richer and more enjoyable, even if you are simply there as a tourist, but particularly if you are pursuing higher education or entering the job market. French is quite fun to learn, as well. It is always good to learn a few useful words and phrases in French before visiting, and perhaps also explore  the literature and culture of France in preparation for your visit.  If you are visiting France for study purposes, then speaking French can open many opportunities for you as a student.

How the French language is different from other languages?

When we compare French with English, we can see that both languages share some similarities, although there are some differences as well. While there are a few words that are pronounced the same in the two languages, such words can have different meanings. Moreover, there are differences in the pronunciation of various letters, especially R and vowels. Silent letters exist in both languages, although they are not the same letters.

The French language is also different than Spanish in many ways. For example, French grammar is simpler than Spanish grammar, and both languages have different systems of pronunciation. French pronunciation is generally considered simpler than Spanish, while Spanish spelling is easier than French spelling. The Italian language also has its own distinctive grammatical rules. For example, in Italian, the subject pronoun is written but not used in speech whereas, in French, the subject pronoun is used in the written form and spoken conversation. In English and French, the plural form of a word is created by adding S at the end, while Italian has irregular plural forms of words, rather than adding S.  

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