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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Translation Services Provider

by Robert White

There are different Translation Services Providers that get your content or documents translated in quick time without any hassle. However, before choosing the right one, you need to be very careful of the spam or frauds and do your proper research, so you don’t have to suffer later. Here are a few factors to consider before choosing a translation provider:

Accredited and certified

Certification is an integral part of translation services that represent the validity and reliability of service providers. When looking for Translation Services Providers, you should search for the ones with robust and sophisticated management systems of their workflow.


A translator who has been praised for translating content or book might not be the best choice for translating your legal documentation. You should be very particular about viewing the expertise of the translator in detail before hiring to know whether they have prior knowledge and experience in the domain of the project you are looking for. You must avoid the lack of expertise in your required area as it will lead to sub-standard and poor-quality translation.


Privacy plays a vital role when determining the best Translation Services Providers. Some legal documents, such as proposals and contracts, must be kept confidential as they are extremely sensitive. You should look for a Translation Agency that respects people’s privacy and ensure the highest confidentiality of their customers.

Service in the native language

Most of the customer services offered by translation agencies are in multiple languages to maintain the international standards of the translation industry. If you are going to hire a translation service provider that is not based on your home country, then ensure that these service providers are able to communicate with you in you’re the language you prefer. Look out for the translation services that have a team of qualified translators to accommodate you and provide service in your native language.

Track record

We are often inclined towards the reviews, feedbacks, family and friends opinion etc. before purchasing anything online. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and impacts our decision making to a great extent. Similarly, before hiring a translation service provider, you should observe and keep the track record of the Translation Agency. You can check out their client’s reviews, feedbacks and testimonials to know their experience with the service providers.

Transparent and fair pricing

While choosing the Translation Services Providers, one of the obvious factors people consider is their pricing. Some people often get trapped with the lowest staggering costs offered by service providers and end up disappointed with their substandard services or even worse, with the hidden costs at the end of your project. So, it’s very important to search for the service providers that devise fair and transparent pricing that has balanced competitiveness that ensures the service you are getting is worth the price.

The back translation reconciliation process

Sometimes, government regulations and legal documentations are required to be retranslated back to ensure authenticity in their original language. Due to the nuances of language or other reasons, the back translation and original document might not look the same. Reconciling such a difference can be very hard for most clients to do. If you have such a requirement for your documents to be translated, it’s better to do your research and find the service provider that will assist you with the back translation reconciliation process. The translation agencies offering such reconciliation services will provide you with the reconciliation report along with your completed translations.

Experience with translation memories and glossaries

For more complex and extensive translation projects, choose the Translation Services provider that have relevant experience working with translation memories and glossaries. This aspect will ensure that important phrases and words are translated consistently throughout the project that appears frequently. Translation memories can also lead to a significant costs reduction as they can save a great deal of time in translation.

Fast turnaround times are often a priority in any business. Hence, it is essential to look out for the turnaround times promised by Translation Services Providers. A well-experienced translation agency will provide you with an estimated delivery time and accommodate you before the project begins. It’s better to hire the translation agency that accepts penalty clauses in case of any delay and adheres to the strict deadlines. A good translation agency won’t affect work quality as a matter of fast turnaround times.

Additional services provided

Sometimes, you don’t just need a simple translation. Often, you need additional services for your project such as subtitling, voice-over, desktop publishing and transcription etc. If you are looking for the translation provider with such a project, it’s essential to find the one who offers you all these services in one place. It will ensure you more consistent results in various aspects of the project and save you from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

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