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Finnish translation services

Are you intending to grow your business in Finland? You would require translated documents in the Finnish language for successful business expansion. These services hire qualified linguistic experts who use professional terminologies and specialist phrases to mirror the source documents. The translations later undergo a strict editorial process to ensure consistent quality and the utmost satisfaction of clients.

Finnish language area of expertise

  • Finland is an expert manufacturer in electrical and optical equipment. These spare parts are exported to neighbouring countries and worldwide after being translated. The instructions are translated by a professional Finnish translation service into a uniform language for easy understanding.
  • Finland also has a significant mining sector that is a specialist in extracting essential metals. The sector involves translating labor guidelines, safety procedures, and labor laws as most of the labor are imported from third-world countries.
  • Finland is also famous for producing and exporting cars. These cars are exported to Germany, the United States, and Sweden. The importing and exporting guidelines are translated into numerous languages so the car dealership and owners can supervise accordingly.

Checklist for a Finnish translator

  • The Finnish language has strict rules involving vowels. There are three forms of vowels; the front vowels are ä, ö, y, back vowels are a, o, u, and neutral are e, i. Front, and back vowels cannot exist in the same world. However, the placement of neutral vowels does not follow such a rule.
  • The Finnish language is written as spoken. The accents can completely change the word use and its meanings. For example, the letter a is not the same as ä. Furthermore, they are also pronounced differently, which can help identify the diacritics.
  • The Finnish dialects include Southwestern, Häme, South Ostrobothnia, and the Far North. A translator who aims to perform a perfect professional Finnish translation understands the linguistic differences of the dialects without being insensitive or disrespectful.

How to translate Finnish?

  • There are 29 alphabets in the Finnish language; a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, å, ä ja ö. There characters B, C, F, G, Q, W, X, Z, and Å are primarily used to spell foreign words and names.
  • You will discover in the French and Spanish languages that every object has a pronoun. However, in the Finnish language, hän means he or she. There is no discrimination of objects based on gender, which you will find in other languages.
  • The Finnish has four tenses: the present, the past, the perfect, and the past. Sometimes the present is called the non-past tense, which a professional Finnish translation will incorporate for a cohesive content flow. The Finnish language does not contain a future tense.

Surprising facts about the Finnish language

  • The Finnish for an engineering student that studies an airplane jet turbine engine non-commission auxiliary mechanic is lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas. It contains 61 characters and is the longest word in the world! It was created combining two to three words which is very common in the Finnish language.
  • The Finnish language does not have a word for “please.” However, that does not make the language dry. And no, it doesn’t justify being rude to everyone. Simply use the Finnish word for thank you instead. The word is “kiitos.”
  • Finnish is a very literal language. Don’t take our word for it! See for yourself. The fridge translates into an ice cupboard with the word jääkaappi. Arpakuutiot translates to lottery cubes for the word “dice.” The computer is called tietokone, which means a knowledge machine. The Finnish language is full of such examples.

Shall we travel to Finland?

  • Talk about the most lived-in city in a country? More than half of the Finland population lives in its capital, Helsinki. The country inhabits 430,000 people, with 210 living in the capital. Most Helsinki residents are from Indian or Somali backgrounds.
  • Finnish people are heavy coffee drinkers. An average Finnish person will drink 12 kg of coffee every year. The figure equals eight cups of coffee daily, which is considered very usual for the Finnish people. No wonder Finns import the most significant amount of coffee in the world, leaving Europe behind, too!
  • Finland has 187,000 lakes! Yes, you read that correctly. Finland’s geographical area is covered with 5400 square feet of water. Some of the lakes are very large in size, which stretches over 110,000 square feet. These lakes are busy tourist spots, especially during the summer.

Kings of Translation area of expertise

Kings of Translation will provide professional Finnish translation services in the following sectors:

  • Certified document translation (Passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, diploma, academic certificate, affidavit, medical records, car insurance documents and etc.).
  • Notarised document translation
  • Apostille
  • Legal document translation
  • Localizing websites for Finnish customers and users
  • Localizing games for the Finnish entertainment industry
  • Localizing mobile applications for Finnish users
  • Localizing product packaging for Finnish customers
  • Customer support translation to aid Finnish clients
  • Menus, pamphlets, and tourist guidelines for Finnish tourism

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Finland provides an excellent education structure and tax benefits for individuals. Therefore, hire Kings of Translation to translate birth or marriage certificates for an easy relocating process. The service offers prompt translation for individual, and business clients, so give them a call.

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