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by Robert White

France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations; more than 87 million people visit France every year. Visiting France is even more fun if you can speak a little French, particularly as this will make it easier for you to travel through famous regions of the country. A working knowledge of the French language will also give you a greater insight into the culture of France. If you are planning to visit France for study purposes, the ability to speak French can offer many opportunities to study at any of the well-known educational institutes of France.

What skills are required to become a French Translator?

First of all, you must have advanced knowledge of the language so that you can understand the text fully without any misinterpretations. A French translator must have excellent writing skills so they can translate the document efficiently. Translation can be a mentally challenging task where a minor inaccuracy can affect the entire meaning of the document, so any professional translator must do a translation course to understand the basics of the job and apply them professionally. They must also have command of common office programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. 

Diploma translation

Major mistakes you make when translating from English to French

Careless mistakes are not acceptable in a professional French translation, particularly with official documentation such as diplomas. People commonly make mistakes while translating words that are spelled similarly. For example, if the word is “actuel” in French, they will translate it into English as “actual,” which is clearly wrong as “actuel” means “currently” in English.   Some translators also do word order mistakes, but these kinds of problems are solved while revising the document.   In some cases, translators mistranslate some sentences. It is because of some French words like “important,” which means large or important based on the context. If the translator reads the document properly, he will know what to use.

How can you arrange a Diploma translation from French into another language?

Unlike the translation of general documents, a French diploma translation can be an extremely challenging task,. You cannot compromise on accuracy and you cannot apply the general rules of translation on these types of academic transcripts and documents. For this reason, we recommend hiring professionals for any French Diploma translation.  If you are in the UK,  Kings of Translation are happy to provide you with professional high-quality services for all your translation needs.

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