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German Translation Services

Did you know university education is free in Germany, even for international students? It is an excellent opportunity to become accomplished. Therefore, hire a professional translation service to translate your birth certificate and passport so you can achieve professional and academic dreams.

German language area of expertise

  • Germany produces the very best motor vehicles with durable interiors and updated technology. The country also manufactures vehicle parts worth billions. It is fair a professional German Translation service is hired to translate user manuals and how-to pamphlets.
  • Germany is also a leader in manufacturing aviation equipment. Second on the list of exports are planes, helicopters, and spacecraft. Since these modes of transportation will be used globally, translation of instructions and manuals play a crucial role in their success.
  • Germany imported patients and sent medical help to neighbouring countries during the pandemic. They taught procedures and vaccine usage, which was translated for the doctors and nurses to understand quickly and save lives.

Are you a professional German Translator?

  • Germany has incorporated a Latin character in its alphabets. The letter is used outside of the constants, and it is the Eszett called the ß. Eszett does not appear at the beginning of the word. Moreover, the Latin character always follows a long vowel. It replaces the form of double S.
  • You will discover German has three genders, unlike the Roman languages. The Romans stuck to male and female genders. However, the German language also has a neutral gender which is usually denoted by using Das.
  • The German language has six dialects. A professional German translation service will adopt the most relevant dialect. The translated text understands the severity and the linguistic boundaries where dialects must not be misrepresented or misused.

How to translate German?

  • Suppose you are foreign to the German language. In that case, you will discover a lot of random letters in their texts are capitalized. It may seem odd to an English reader but not to the Germans. The German language capitalizes all nouns regardless of their use or degree. It is a mandatory grammar practice.
  • The German language has 26 letters; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Three are German umlauts that are Ö, Ä, and Ü. Furthermore, the Latin character of ß is also involved. A professional German translation will involve these letters in some capacity or another. Some alphabets sound exactly like in English but may be used differently.
  • The German language has six verbal tenses. These are:
  • Present or Präsens
  • Present Perfect or Perfekt
  • Simple Past or Präteritum
  • Past Perfect or Plusquamperfekt
  • Future or Futur I
  • Future Perfect or Futur II

Time to learn about the German language

  • Like many European and Scandinavian languages, Deutsch also has a long word. It roughly translates to regulation on the delegation of authority concerning land conveying permissions. Are you ready for the word? It is Grundstücksverkehrsgenehmigungszuständigkeitsübertragungsverordnung. Good luck saying that three times or even once in a sentence!
  • English and German are very closely related. Once a German begins to learn English, they will discover many words are very similar. It will make the learning process a lot easier and build interest, too. However, be careful since the German translation of English “gift” is poison…
  • German has been the language of writers and thinkers. It is coined as “Dichter und Denker.” Some prominent works include Faust, written by Wolfgang von Goethe. Honourable mentions include Kant, Nietzsche, Humboldt, or Marx.
  • Germany is also the official language in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Luxemburg.

Plan to visit Germany

  • When you decide to visit Berlin, you will encounter bridges at every turn. There are more bridges in Berlin than there are in Venice. Berlin has near to 1000 bridges that connect over 60 square kilometres of water bodies and over 180 kilometres of waterways. Don’t forget to travel to Brandenburg to experience the largest inland water network in Europe!
  • Prison breaks are not punishable by law in Germany. The constitution is based on freedom as a fundamental human right. Therefore, prisoners have a right to try to escape jails. If they successfully escape and are re-captured again, they would be held for property damage or bodily damage, if any.
  • If you run out of fuel in Germany on the highway, you will be fined. Your license will be suspended for at least six months because it is illegal to run out of your fuel. The vehicles can only be stopped for real emergency situations; otherwise, pay a fine of at least €90.

Kings of Translation area of expertise

Kings of Translation will provide professional German translation services in the following sectors:

  • Certified document translation (Passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, diploma, academic certificate, affidavit, medical records, car insurance documents and etc.).
  • Notarised document translation
  • Apostille
  • Legal document translation
  • Localizing websites for German customers and users
  • Localizing games for the German entertainment industry
  • Localizing mobile applications for German users
  • Localizing product packaging for German customers
  • Customer support translation to aid German clients
  • Menus, pamphlets, and tourist guidelines for German tourism

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