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Greek translation

Greece is mostly a famous destination for summer vacations due to its wide selection of beaches and cuisine. However, Greece also offers an extensive program in historical studies and so much more. With the air travel restrictions recently removed, tourists are heading to Greece. Thus, contributing to the rise in translation services.

Greek Translation Services

The expert form of Greek translations is visible by the dedication and hard work performed by the translators. Many businesses opt for linguistic software which fails to deliver the custom translations many clients are seeking.

Certified translators translate Greek to any language based on their qualifications and nativeness. They are versed in both languages and can translate evolutionary terms and phrases that may not have been introduced to the software yet. The translators perform the initial run down by reading the document in detail. The well-known phrases and words are identified separately.

The translated nouns and adjectives are connected by adverbs and verbs to form complete sentences during the second reading. The most requested documents for professional Greek translation include immigration, customs, corporate, and adoption papers. Immigration documents include birth, death, and marriage certificates. Educational documents are filed mainly by students who wish to travel abroad for advanced studies.

Area of expertise

Travel and Tourism

Since Greece is filled with history and sunshine, it is constantly visited by tourists. A professional Greek translation service translates brochures and tourist guideline menus. The tourism industry also accommodates the airplane industry and travel websites. The translation services translate menus, travelling guidelines, descriptions, and information regarding tourist attractions.

Marketing translation

Linguistic services result in a serious boost. When packaging comes in understandable language, the customers are likely to purchase more and have positive customer reviews. The businesses can grasp the lion’s share of the market to build market domination for long-term profits.  The results are based on staying competitive and surviving in the operating industry.

Software translation

It may not come to you as a surprise, but Greeks use software, too. Professional Greek translation service will translate software to present user interface in understandable language. After translation, controls and menu will also be refined by adding separate dialogue boxes as the Greek language requires.

Greek Translators

Linguistic expertise

Because of the complexities of the Greek language and its syntax use, the translator must have the linguistic capability to carry out the situation. Qualified translators will have the knowledge to translate with fluency and communicate respectively against the language. The translators are also aware of regional dialects and phrasal meaning.

Language History
Greek translation

Greek has been spoken for centuries. For a translator to be an expert, they must know how the language has evolved throughout the years. Otherwise, the translation will come off as dated and may not be used as required. It will also result in revisions which prolong the translation process.

Attention to detail

No detail too small can be overlooked when translating Greek. A mistranslated word, phrase, or alphabet can change the meaning of the structure, and Greek translators are aware of it. Most translators use glossaries with updated work to prevent discrepancies in the translation.

Tips for Greek Translation

Prepositions and conjunctions

Significant knowledge of prepositions and conjunctions is required to translate Greek. The translator must be confident in everyday use of prepositions and their numerous uses such as περì, πρός, εἰς, ἐάν.                                


Second comes the need to understand the pronouns with their respective meaning. Pronouns work the same way as conjunctions or prepositions. Understanding their meaning will speed up the translation time.

Base Functions

In Greek, the nominative is considered a subject. An accusative is an object. Possessions are shown by genitive use. There are also indirect objects which showcase a manner or cause.

Root Words

Greek words form from their base roots. Therefore, it is easier to translate when the translator understands the roots to form adverbs, adjectives, and verbs from the same root word.

Greek Language Facts

Language Evolution

The Greek language is based on Proto-Greek. The first form was spoken three millennia ago, which evolved into Ancient Greek. The new dialect of Greek was spoken in the period of Antiquity. If you are curious where Modern Greek came from, it resulted from the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the 1450s.

Literary Contribution

Greek has been the original language of many literary works. The field of study includes mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy. This research performed by Greek scientists was later adopted by the West, reaching new conclusions. Greek also counts for numerous words in the English language and other languages, including Latin.

The longest Greek word has 182 characters.

We may not know the longest word in the world. However, we definitely know the longest Greek word. When it is transliterated to English alphabets, it forms Lopado­temacho­selacho­galeo­kranio­leipsano­drim­hypo­trimmato­silphio­parao­melito­katakechy­meno­kichl­epi­kossypho­phatto­perister­alektryon­opte­kephallio­kigklo­peleio­lagoio­siraio­baphe­tragano­pterygon. The word is a fictional make-belief dish that was made for a comedy series called Assemblywomen.

Greece Facts

Olive Domination

Olive oil production has been a cultivation art in Greece for centuries. Olive trees that were planted in the thirteenth century still produce fruit to the day. Due to constant hard work, Greece was recently named the third-largest producer of olive oil.

Formed from a rock

The land of Greece during the initial evolution of the planet was a huge rock. It was covered in seawater and completely inhabitable. As time went on, mountains formed, and the tectonic plates formed Europe and, thus, Greece.

Hosts birds

Greece is home to 100,000 birds that migrate from Asia and the remaining of Europe to spend winters.

It’s always sunny!

Greece is literally the sunniest country in the world. It receives 250 days of sunshine on an annual basis, which equals 600 hours of sun annually.

Decline in literacy

The literacy rate of Greece was 50 per cent in the 1950s. Sadly, now it has declined to a mere 5 per cent.

Kings of Translation area of expertise

Kings of Translation will provide professional Greek translation services in the following sectors:

  • Certified document translation (Passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, diploma, academic certificate, affidavit, medical records, car insurance documents and etc.).
  • Notarised document translation
  • Apostille
  • Legal document translation
  • Localizing websites for Greek customers and users
  • Localizing games for the Greek entertainment industry
  • Localizing mobile applications for Greek users
  • Localizing product packaging for Greek customers
  • Customer support translation to aid Greek clients
  • Menus, pamphlets, and tourist guidelines for Greek tourism
Greek translation

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