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How does a certificate of qualification help you gain employment?

by Robert White

A certificate of qualification is not just a fancy piece of paper – it is an extremely important asset when you are looking for a job. Your future employer will ask to see any qualification certificates at the time of interview, to assess whether you have the formal qualifications for the job in question. The certificate helps the employer learn more about your skills and other abilities, and can be the difference between landing a job you want, or seeing it go to a more qualified candidate.   

What does a qualification certificate say about you?

While there are plenty of skills you can learn independently, a qualification certificate makes these skills more visible and authentic to a future employer. The certification demonstrates that you were capable of reading and understanding all the instructions and completing the relevant tasks. You may develop certain skills without studying for a certificate or a degree, but without that certificate, you will find it more difficult to gain employment. When you have a certificate, employers will find it easier to assess your eligibility for a certain role, confident that you have the skills and experience to fulfil all the requirements of the position. In many countries, young people today are considered more qualified than young people of earlier times, giving them greater opportunities to progress in their career and master new skills.   

How do you gain a qualification certificate?

The simple way to gain the qualification certificate is to apply to the institute or contact their exam board, once you have fulfilled all the requirements for qualification. You will need to prove your identity and pay the relevant fees. Within a few months, the exam board will issue your certificate, which will provide all the information about your qualifications, including your grade and the date you completed the course.

What elements are included in qualification certificate?

The qualification certificate consists of three sections, beginning with the most important element – the identity of the individual who earned the qualification.  The individual’s full name must be spelled correctly, so it is important to check the institute has the correct spelling of your name before the certificate is issued, as it can be difficult to replace the certificate if there is some kind of error. Another most important element is the digital signature of a person who verified the content of the certificate, who is known as the issuer. The signature must be valid, and the software must pass the process of the certificate, to prove that the certificate is authentic.

The second section of the certificate relates to the information about your degree or qualification, including your passing grade. The final section of the certificate is known as a root certificate where the signature, issue number, and name of the issuer are mandatory.

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