How to create and promote compelling Facebook posts

by Robert White

Facebook is a great social networking platform used by people from all around the world so they can communicate and share with one another. More than 50 percent of Facebook’s international audience uses a language other than English. It is extremely beneficial to translate your Facebook posts into different languages, so you can communicate with this international audience and to keep your message clear and accurate.

Today’s guide will explain everything about Facebook posts, and you will also come to know which translation agency to choose if you are based in the UK and need Facebook post translation services.

How do you create compelling facebook posts?

Facebook pages are a great way to share your message to a large group of people even if they speak different languages. To make the posts more interactive, it is always recommended that you use creative and unique images or videos. In fact, the standout visuals in Facebook posts are very important – without these visuals, your post will just look like a shopping store without a display window. Keep your Facebook posts clear and simple, and avoid using jargon. People do not like to read long posts so keep it short, preferably at the recommended length of 80 to 160 characters. Rather than posting on weekdays, schedule your posts for the weekend when people have more time to browse on social media, so they will be more likely to click on your post.

Facebook post translation services

When someone takes action after reading your post – by commenting or clicking on a link – this is called converting. Your goal is to make all your posts as high-converting as possible. One key strategy for creating high-converting posts is to include a unique, compelling, and strong call to action. Before you write each post, you need to decide what action you want your audience to take – do you want them to click on the link, or share the post or leave a comment? Write the content in a way that encourages them to follow the clear call to action. Using relevant hashtags and emoji is another way to create engaging Facebook posts.

Boosting the Facebook posts

Now, you can reach a large audience by boosting your Facebook posts. You may select the existing audience following your current page or you may select a new audience.

Your next step is to set a budget for how much you will spend on a boost or a promotion per day.

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