Important tips for winning your Personal Injury Claims

by Robert White

Any physical or psychological injury that is caused by another person’s negligence is known as personal injury. You can submit a personal injury claim when you are entitled to receive compensation for the damage caused by some other person. These types of claims do not cover the costs for any damage done to property. In the United Kingdom, and in other countries, personal injury claims are usually based on time limitations so it is better to submit a personal injury claim as soon as possible. The maximum time limit for a personal injury claim in the UK is three years, meaning that you can make a personal injury claim within three years of an accident or illness. For certain injuries, such as injuries caused due to aircraft or marine accidents or due to criminal activities, the maximum claim period is two years. Common examples of personal injury claims include auto and motorcycle accidents, road traffic accidents, slip and falls in a public place, workplace injuries, or any other type of medical injury caused in the home or due to animals.

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Today, we are going to share some important tips to help you win your personal injury claims, such as how to make a personal injury claim, and  the perfect time to make a claim. We will also explain how to arrange a translation of your legal claim documentation, if the injury occurs in a different country – we can even provide the name of a top translation agency in the UK for providing reliable personal injury claim translation services.

Basic information about personal injury claims

Personal injury claims usually occur due to another person’s negligence. There are generally three people involved in a personal injury claim:  the claimant (person who makes a claim); the attorney (a person with legal authority to represent a claimant); and the defendant (who caused the claimant’s injuries).

Compensation can be made through two main types of damages: general damages and special damages. For general damages, the claimant must provide a report by the doctor detailing the injuries in order to make a claim. The amount of compensation will be calculated based on the extent of the injuries, so injuries with a greater impact on the body will result in a higher amount of compensation.  In the case of special damages, the claim is made to ensure that your financial position is maintained over the long term even after the injury.

When you should make a personal injury claim?

If you have met with an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to make a personal injury claim. The first step towards making a personal injury claims is to report the accident as soon as possible. The next step is to collect evidence by taking photographs of the area where the accident took place or by gathering the details from witnesses. Contact a reputable personal injury law firm that can help you facilitate a personal injury claims. All these steps must be taken as soon as possible to be sure you meet the time limits in relation to taking legal action against personal injuries.

The amount of compensation mainly depends on how extensively the injuries have impacted on your life. The more serious your injuries, the more compensation you should receive.

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