by Robert White

We are living in a technological age where text can be translated in a few minutes using online translation programmes – but are these really any good? In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online translation programmes.

Let’s start with the most important reason why it is pointless to use online programmes, specifically, the infamous ”Google Translate“. One of the biggest mistakes made by people is uploading a whole piece of text in the Lithuanian language into ”Google Translate“ and expecting to receive an accurate translation. No! This cannot be done. The structure of our mother tongue is completely different from, say, English. If you translate from English to Lithuanian – or from Lithuanian to English – your text will probably be completely incomprehensible. You can do the test: by uploading some text in Lithuanian to the ”Google Translate“ box. If your English language skills are not very good, the translated text may seem quite reasonable to you, but, if you try to convert the same text back, from English to Lithuanian, you will see what a nonsensical translation it returns. Imagine if your employer receives such a translated version – your reputation in the company would be shattered. Google Translate is for amateurs.

When is it worth using online translation programmes?

It is no secret that this type of online translation programme can be used when you need to translate just one word. However, our advice is: once the word you have entered translates, check to see if there are other meanings as well!

Then, you need to think about where, and how, to translate text from one foreign language to another foreign language?

For example: who fixes your car? Specialist mechanics. In the same way, you should only entrust translation work to specialist translation services who know what they are doing! Translation services are not expensive these days. If you select your translation service provider properly, you will not only receive a well-converted text, but you will also receive high-quality work, and we all want quality work rather than unreadable rubbish!

There are a lot of different translation service providers – the choice is very broad, so the question is: which translation service provider should you choose?

In simple terms, the translation service providers are required to indicate the prices of various translations on their websites along with all their contact details. If this information is missing, then the agency is not completely reliable. Each translation service provider should have their own logo. If there is nothing of this sort on their website, how can you know that you will not be taken for a ride? Companies offering translation services should really be able to afford a logo, right? It is also worth looking for customer feedback about the company online, and on social networks. These tips will help you distinguish the reliable from the unreliable translation service providers.

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