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by Robert White

Why is localisation necessary for your business?

A localisation service tailors your website, digital business or marketing campaign specifically to promote your business effectively within in a different locality or cultural group. When your local end service fulfils a need for a new target audience or a targeted culture, your marketing campaign and website must appeal to this audience. Localisation identifies the cultural subtleties of the target clients and creates a campaign based on their local humour, behaviour and linguistic patterns, and showing sensitivity to any ethical issues. A separate localisation company helps to localise services for websites, games, and marketing campaigns. Localisation experts are prepared and certified to help your business blend into a new cultural environment.

Our UK localisation experts are situated around the globe, so we can connect you with a local specialist for your target clients. Moreover, we promote new localised brands that your new customers can understand, accept and appreciate.

At a time when even small businesses can establish an international customer base, localisation services provide an essential service for companies. By localising your services for different sectors of your customer base, you can create a strong and trustworthy relationship with your customers through your website and your marketing operations, making your brand more recognised and trusted throughout the world.

Following is a list of some of the benefits of localisation:

Market Expansion

If you want to raise awareness and trust of your products within a specific location, you must know and understand the language and cultural nuances of that location. By localising your marketing content to comply with local linguistic and cultural ethics, you can localise your brand and build a strong reputation by blending into the community.   

The foundation of marketing success is based on “product, price, placement, and promotion” techniques. These techniques are challenging enough when you know your local marketplace intimately – in an international marketplace, the concept of localisation is an essential ingredient in this success, helping you adapt your marketing strategy to different international audiences.   

Sales development

You can develop mutual understanding with customers through communication and conversation in their language, and this in turn will build their trust in your products and services.  According to research, 57 percent of clients said that learning about the product in their language is significantly more effective than a price comparison. This demonstrates how localisation helps you stay ahead of your market competitors.   

Client satisfaction

Localisation Service UK not only adjusts communication to the local language but also tailors the content to conform with local cultural expectations. Your expensive marketing campaign will be wasted if the presentation of your product is culturally insensitive, making it unintentionally offensive or hilarious to local clients. A precise localisation strategy can adjust the presentation, making it more appealing to the new audience. Your goal is to attract a diversity of customers, by demonstrating your genuine commitment to meeting their requirements and respecting their cultural heritage.

Risk lessening

Different countries have different traditions. When you begin to grow your business globally, it is essential to avoid causing offence or triggering conflict over cultural or ethnic issues.  Your localisation organization helps you to tailor your marketing campaign in alignment with local expectations.

Localisation is a set of precautionary measures to help your business grow effectively in any other state. Your investment in localising your business will bring profitable returns in either short-term or long-term, as the business is tailored for a new market.  

Website Interpretations

Simply providing a direct translation of your website content is not enough to appeal to a new cultural audience.  If your website content is going to stand out in a new local market, it must be written to appeal to your target customers.

As part of the Kings of Translation Website localisation service UK strategies, you will receive a complete website interpretation makeover. Your original web content is translated and then edited into a clear message that maintains the original meaning in a style and voice that will appeal to your audience and be easy to comprehend. We will even adjust your website design, changing font style, colours, images and patterns in order to make it more appealing for your target audience.  The user interface must also align with the target audience, so the date and time designs, currency, reading instructions and buttons are all correct for their location. We know the value of website localisation, as we use this service for ourselves too!

Video Game localisation services

You have developed and designed an ideal video game and it is ready to be released internationally! But will it be acceptable in the foreign sectors? Will it be even permitted there?
The UK is very welcoming of new video games, although you will be prohibited from releasing to a wider audience base if your games include certain forbidden elements.

You can protect your investment and prevent such limitations, by using our video game localisation service UK. Our services can provide you assurance about the release of your video game with foreign customers. Our video game localisation specialists at the Kings of Translation will examine every aspect of your video game, including its play style, tones, visual effects, and notifications, so they can highlight the components that are attractive for your targeted customers and localise your video content for their consent. This service gives you the assurance that your video game will reach the widest audience possible without any unnecessary restrictions.
We will assign experts who are local to the targeted culture, ensuring they are the right people to advise you.

Localisation of services is the ideal business strategy when you want to introduce your product into another area. The detailed process includes precise language translations and interpretations while conforming with national laws and regulations, and circumventing any potential cultural conflicts, for the specific targeted location.

Due to these complexities, localisation services are particularly beneficial for projects and businesses such as:

  • Multimedia (audio, video, and graphics)
  • Website localisation
  • Electronic books and Internet books
  • Quick reference guides
  • Software UI/UX
  • Mobile app localisation
  • User and Product manuals
  • Software localisation
  • Professional communication for international companies
  • E-learning platforms
  • End-user license agreements
  • Video game localisation
Localisation Service UK

Kings of Translation are experts in localising services for each industry. We will localise your marketing material to help you grow your business on an international platform, expanding your professional visibility on a global level.   

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