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Medical Report Translation

by Robert White

Do you want a translation of your medical report? This post outlines some important facts about medical report translation, so you can learn how to access professional medical report translation services when required.

The translation of medical reports is a highly specialised field of translation. Specialised training is required to ensure the translator has the skills and expertise required to make an accurate translation. With medical reports, it is not enough to simply translate the document into a different language. In order to deliver an accurate translation, it is also imperative to understand the terminology and the acronyms used by doctors use in the medical field. An improperly translated medical report could lead to dangerous consequences, such as inappropriate medical treatment. An accurately translated medical report can help guarantee consistency of care and effective communication between doctor and patient, so the patient feels more secure and confident.  This level of communication can only be achieved through the proper translation of medical documents such as the patient’s medical history and discharge instructions.

What is Medical Report Translation?

As the name suggests, medical report translation is the practice of translating medical reports and documents when there is a language barrier between patient and medical professionals. The translation can be used by the patient, medical professionals or pharmaceutical companies or in the case of a legal claim or for technical documentation. It is an essential service in order to provide equitable treatment and care to the patients who speak a foreign language. Patients who have immigrated may provide their previous medical history in a foreign language, so their current medical provider will need to seek a medical report translation.  

Following are the main types of medical documents that need translation in the interests of providing the best care to the patient:

  • A patient’s previous records
  • Discharge instructions
  • Doctor and patient manuals
  • Information about drug usage
  • Medical articles
  • Prescription labelling
  • Service agreements
  • Patient consent form in case of further medical procedures
  • Medical device packaging
  • Other pharmaceutical documents

Why you need Medical Report Translation?

A foreign candidate who is applying for a particular service needs to provide medical documents. If these  medical reports are in a language other than English, the translation of documents becomes very important. Moreover, the conversion of medical reports also becomes mandatory when they are needed for legal proceedings or a visa application.

In the case of emergency surgery, a quick translation of medical reports becomes indispensable. This provides doctors with any relevant patient information such as pre-existing medical condition and disease patterns prior to surgery. Various document service providers are working online to provide document translation services. But for a better understanding of the patient’s overall case study, it is imperative to hire the services of an expert translator.

When you need Medical Report Translation?

There are millions of international migrants living in different parts of the world. When they seek medical services, they should be confident that their doctor will communicate effectively with them, no matter what language they speak. When doctors speak a different language to their patients, they are at risk of mistreating these patients. At this step, the need for medical report translation services becomes crucial to avoid any future complaint or medical complications.

The translation of medical reports is an essential part of providing proper treatment to patients who speak another language. A small mistake or confusion can lead to serious consequences. Without an accurate translation, patients may misunderstand important information relating to dosage or allergies. To avoid such dangerous situations and mishaps, you need to trust a qualified professional translator who is an expert in the relevant field. This is beneficial for the patients and also for the health care professionals as well. Through the translation of medical documents, patients will fully understanding every aspect of their medical procedures. Moreover, health care professionals will also have greater insight into the health of their foreign patients.

Medical Report Translation | Facts and Challenges

The translation of medical reports can present specific challenges for translators. One of the biggest challenges is the style of language. At times, the doctors write medical reports using an extremely brief and concise manner, which can be difficult to understand. Moreover, medical documents regularly include acronyms and abbreviations so medical translators need to get some specialized language knowledge to accurately transcribe the medical jargon.

Medical translators usually face the challenge of words which cannot be translated. Some words in the medical field do not have a direct equivalent in other languages, causing problems when a document must be translated from one language to another.  If the translator leaves these words as they are, the translated text can become meaningless.  

To overcome such challenges, you need to contact an experienced medical translator who is fluent in the source language as well as the target language. This will help reduce the stress of patients and also improve the communication between doctor and patient.  

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