Kings of Translation Is Proud To Announce Its Award of Contract For NEPO512 Translation & Transcription Services

by Robert White

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded with an official contract for NEPO15 Translation & Transcription Services, with a 36 month framework starting on December 1st 2021.

We currently provide a wealth of translation and transcription services across sectors including governmental, legal, and medical. This award of contract will empower us to extend our expertise further, both professionally and geographically speaking.

NEPO is an industry-leading procurement specialist (a Central Purchasing body) that works in partnership with the North East local authorities as well as key organizations operating within the private sector.

In addition to delivering positive outcomes for private spending, NEPO also provides central purchasing services on behalf of contracting authorities including Northumberland, Middlesbrough, and eight additional local authorities situated in north-east England. NEPO also works in close collaboration with governing bodies and non-departmental bodies including the NHS, key emergency services, educational institutions, and registered charities, among others.

To ensure that its partners and local authorities remain compliant with the 2010 Equality Act and the Public Service Equality Duty, it’s vital that NEPO provides high-quality translations & transcriptions in a variety of dialects for those whose first language isn’t English.

It’s vital that these core translation services are provided by qualified linguists with the appropriate credentials, experience, and registration as outlined within the pricing structure or schedule at the point of order.

It’s with great pride that we’ve been awarded a contract For NEPO512 Translation & Transcription Services.

This contract proves our capability to provide industry-leading translation services to the north-east’s most important official bodies, at speed and scale. We look forward to starting our journey.

Our new NEPO award status also confirms that we can:

  • Deliver compliant translations and transcriptions that maintain the privacy, respect, and dignity of the body or individual.
  • Comply with a wealth of essential laws including Human Rights and Equality legislation as well as the specific policies of all governing bodies, organisations or institutions.
  • Create natural and seamless translations in a range of formats with the specific aims and goals of the end user at heart.
  • Innovate and adapt to any project, initiative or assignment across any touchpoint or medium imaginable.

For more information regarding our NEPO contract status or our wealth of modern translation services, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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