Some popular Norse mythology creatures

by William Reid

The ancient Norse mythology features nine mystical worlds. This is a bizarre and intriguing world full of the Kraken, Norns, elves, dwarves, and giants that make up some of Norse mythology creatures. Unlike Norse gods, these supernatural creatures defy the regular characteristics of divine and immortal beings. A grotesque combination of power, surrealism, and enigma surrounds this creature of Nordic mythology. The following Norse mythology creatures are some of the most famous divine beasts that you can find readily in Nordic culture. They are:

1. Elves: In Nordic mythology, elves are known to be of two different kinds. There are the light elves (Ljosalfar) and the dark elves (Dokkalfar). The elves known as Dokkalfar are known to live beneath the surface of the earth. They resemble dwarves and have a black colour. In contrast, the Ljosalfar were seen as gods and are characterized by a radiant beauty. All elves of Nordic mythology were extremely powerful. They are also known for their power to cause diseases in humans and being able to cure them. While they have human-like features, they have excellent intuitive and magical powers.

Norse Mythology Creatures

2. Huldra: In Nordic mythology, the Huldra is a female creature that has the physical form of a beautiful woman with a crown made of flowers as well as long, silvery hair. However, she has a cow’s tail. This is why many men are afraid to approach her. The Huldra is also known as the “warden of the forest.” She is known to seduce young men whom she usually lures into the mountains and imprisons them. Based on a popular myth, if Huldra marries a young man, her fate will be to transform into an ugly, old woman. However, this will make her tail disappear and her strength will increase extremely.

Norse Mythology Creatures

3. The Kraken: This is one of the most popular Norse mythology creatures that have been used by many mainstream stories and narratives. It is a very popular sea monster that looks like a giant octopus or squid with multiple giant wavery flagella or arms. Some Norse stories said that the Kraken had an extremely large body that looked like an Island. As soon as anybody steps on this island, they are bound to sink to their death. Each time that the Kraken get to the water’s surface, it can give rise to extensive whirlpools that made it a lot easier for him to prey on ships on the high seas. The Kraken used to attract fishes by releasing excrement with a consistent texture into the water. This excrement comes with an intense fishy smell which made other fishes attracted to the area. While there, the Kraken can devour these fish. The Kraken is a Nordic creature that has been inspired by the giant squid with the ability to grow into a very large size.

4. The Mare

The Mare is another one of the popular Norse mythology creatures that have a more malicious purpose. It usually causes people to have nightmares while they sleep. It usually sits on people as they sleep. It seems that the Mare which appears only at night may have inspired the word, “Nightmare.” A lot of people feel that this extremely scary beast snatches the souls of people that leave their bodies as they sleep at night. Other accounts reported the Mares to be witches that changed into other animals such as ox, frogs, dogs, and cats whenever their spirits left their bodies and moved all about. It is known that each time that the Mare touches a living thing like people, cattle, or trees, their hair becomes entangled.

5. Norns

It is easy to see why the Norns are the most powerful beings when it comes to the entire ancient Nordic mythology. They are in charge of all the lives of mortals and gods and make the ultimate decision about all that will happen in the future. They hold the power to make things happen at a specific time and how they will happen. In Nordic mythology, we had three Norns. They are:

Norse Mythology Creatures

• Skuld – which means “What Shall Be”

• Verdandi – which means “What is presently forming to come into being”

• Wyrd – which means “Fate or The past”

The Norns almost resemble the fates in Greek mythology. These mythical creatures from Nordic mythology were known to have cared for the Yggdrasil, which is the tree that brings together all nine worlds. They are meant to prevent the tree from dying.

6. Draugars

Draugars were malevolent creatures that resembled zombies. They are feared for their superhuman strength. They can easily increase their size and swallow a full man. They smell strongly of decayed human remains. Many draugars can be found in their graves where they are meant to protect treasures that were buried with them. They can be awoken from their sleep and are known to torture and kill anyone who dares awake them from their eternal slumber. Draugars can be killed again if they are dismembered or burnt.

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