A Quick Guide to everything you should know about Online Payslips

by Robert White

Before the technological advances available today, people would receive a manually printed payslip from their employer.  Now the trend is to provide people with their salary slip online. A pay slip is a document depicting all the necessary details of the employee’s monthly payment, including any bonuses, allowances, rewards, or deductions. The pay slip can be provided in printed form or online.

The format of a pay slip is quite simple. It includes the name and logo of an organisation, the name, and designation of an employee, the amount paid to the employee, the date of payment and the details of the monthly salary. Receiving this pay slip from an employer is very important. First of all, as it provides  all the details of your monthly salary, you have confirmation that you are being paid the correct amount for the work you have done. Plus, your payslip also provides essential information if you are seeking a bank loan or mortgage,  or if you are looking for a new job and want to compare salaries, especially if you are moving to a new country. If you need to provide your payslip information in a country with a different spoken language, you will need to have the payslip professionally translated.

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Why pay slips are so much important?

A pay slip is an important document that records a person’s salary. As the pay slips show your monthly earnings, they provide essential information you can use if you want to go to a bank to apply for a loan. Your bank will need a copy of the pay slip, along with other documentation, as the pay slip provides proof of your standard income. In short, keeping copies of your pay slips can make the overall process of getting a loan smoother.

Now that the world has gone digital, employers do not manually transfer salaries to their employees. Instead, the salaries are paid through online bank transfer or distributed directly to the employee’s email account or through the employer portal. When banks are assessing your loan application, they don’t just want to see how much you earned in a month, they want evidence of regular employment. In short, all employees have the right to receive a detailed pay slip (whether manually or online) during or before the time they are paid.

What information is included in a pay slip?

The layout of a pay slip may vary from company to company but the basic format consists of certain information that must be displayed. First of all, the pay slip must state the gross pay of an employee which is the full amount of salary before the deduction of tax. This may include bonuses or commission etc.

The next section in a pay slip depicts the deductions that may be variable (for example, tax or national insurance) or fixed (deductions which do not change). Finally, the pay slip will display the total amount payable to the employee after all variable and fixed deductions.

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