Scientific Translation Services

Our team of expert linguists provide flawless scientific translations in 120 different languages and our delivery times are among the best in the business.

Scientific translations are translations of scientific articles, or translations of research papers, which have been written by scientists, translations of scientific theories, translations of dissertations, translations of bachelor’s and master’s theses, etc. The translations in this area are particularly complex and require, not only high accuracy but also excellent language skills and a broad knowledge of the field to which the translated text refers. We are aware of the great importance of scientific translations being accurately prepared and have expert scientific translation specialists on our team. We can safely guarantee you the highest standard of interpretation and translation.

Scientific translations: when might they be needed?

In international science projects, there is also a need to translate similar research done by foreign scientists to make sure the information is conveyed and shared, clearly and accurately, between participants.

The need for translation of scientific texts is widespread for those who become interested in a particular field which they may not be familiar with. For example, if a person learns that they are suffering from a rare illness, they will be searching for information about their diagnosis, about available treatments, medications, trials, etc. Much of this information can be gleaned from scientific articles – but often these are in a foreign language and need proper translation.

Scientific translations: how is the quality of a translation ensured?

Any translator of scientific texts must accurately convey the precise information written in the original text. Accuracy is one of the essential criteria for performing not only these, but also many other translations in specific fields, such as legal translations, medical translations or technical translations. In our team, translations of scientific texts are only executed by translators with a relevant academic education, i.e. specialists in that particular field who also have an exceptional command of the required foreign language. If necessary, the translator will consult with colleagues. All texts that are translated into Lithuanian are edited and proofread by a native Lithuanian writer so that the final text is flawless, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of language.

Our scientific translation pricing

At Kings of Translation, we live to offer an exceptional service coupled with unrivalled value. We tailor our scientific translation pricing to every one of our clients, and our rates are incredibly competitive. As we work 24/7, our project delivery times are excellent too. Are you interested? Contact us, and we'll get the ball rolling.

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