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Diploma translation from Spanish

by Robert White

Spanish is a very popular language all around the globe, with around 9 million people in the world who speak the language. Officially it is spoken in four continents – South America, North America, Africa and Europe – and as a result, there are a range of different Spanish dialects.

What are the main challenges of Spanish translation?

Any translator needs to have a strong grasp of both languages and a keen understanding of the topic of any documentation being translated. When hiring a Spanish translator, you need to be sure that the translator is familiar with the specific dialect in question. It’s possible that a translator familiar with the Spanish of South America would not do so well at translating a Spanish document from a region in Africa. You need a translator who has a clear understanding of the Spanish dialect in your document, who can translate it accurately, clearly conveying the original meaning.

certificate so that there will be no confusion about anything. And you can rely on him. 

4 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Translating in Spanish

If you are not familiar with Spanish, it is easy to make some basic mistakes.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that English-speaking people make while translating in Spanish:

  • In English, the word “people” is plural, while in Spanish, the word used is “la gente,” which is singular.   
  • In English, the adjective is written before a noun, while in Spanish, the adjective is written after the noun – for example, “calm night” is translated to “la Noche tranquila”.
  • While double negatives are considered bad grammar in English, they thrive in Spanish.
  • When translating Spanish, do not work from one word to another, as this will cause you to lose the central meaning of the document. Instead, read the whole sentence, understand it and then translate it so you retain the central meaning.

How tough is diploma translation from Spanish?

Spanish diploma translation

Accuracy is particularly important when translating important documents such as a diploma, as an inaccurate translation can undermine the authenticity of the document. Diploma translation from Spanish is very much in demand and requires the high-level experience, that can only be provided by a professional translator. If you are in the UK, you can rely on Kings of Translation to deliver reliable services for all your translation needs.

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