Some popular supernatural creatures of mainstream ancient traditions

by William Reid

For many years supernatural creatures have mostly given us goosebumps. They are usually fairy tales and hence are limited to the pages of our folklores (where we prefer them to be). These mythical creatures are known to possess extreme supernatural powers. They also can share similar traits with humans. Many of these creatures are symbolic and will usually offer a closer understanding of the desires and fears of a culture. The following are some of the most common supernatural creatures from various ancient cultures:

Unicorn: A unicorn is a very popular supernatural creature that comes with a goat or horse-like animal with just one horn located centrally in its head. The unicorn is a mythical creature that transcends various ancient mythologies. For many years, people have been enchanted by these elegant and majestic creatures. Unicorns are known to have special healing powers. For example, people who drank out of a cup that have been made from the horn of a unicorn were known to be safe from poisons.

Supernatural Creatures

Griffin: The Griffin is a combination of an eagle and a lion. This is a majestic creature that is very powerful. It originates from ancient Persian and Egyptian mythology. In its traditional sense, Griffins are usually depicted to have a normal body, hind legs, and a tail of a lion. They also have special properties of an eagle-like the talons, wings, and the head. Gryphons have been depicted also that also have the front paws of a lion. In many films and legends, Griffins were used to guard and protect riches and treasures.

Dragons: Dragons are a very common supernatural creature that has graced many modern films and games. This is a large serpent-like monster with wings. Dragons are a regular feature in many myths from every part of the world. While the dragon as a supernatural creature is very well-known, nobody knows its origin. Also, many cultures think that dragons were not mythical creatures, but they are large creatures that were once killed like the dinosaurs. Dragons are known for their ability to breathe out fire and frost.

Mythological Creatures

Chimaera: The chimaera is one of the most popular and scary supernatural creatures. This is because it embodies the heads of two different animals in one body. This is a fire-breathing creature and is usually depicted in the form of a lion which had combined with a snake or a goat. It has a relationship with Cerberus, the monster. Over the years, the depiction of chimaera in modern narratives and tales has morphed into any hybrid creature that is made up of several animals that have various parts.

Supernatural Creatures

Hydra: The Hydra is a creature that is based on a Greek myth. It is represented as a very large monster that looks like a snake. Hydras are known to have many heads and each of these heads can squirt acid. Based on mythology, if you cut off one head of the Hydra, two more heads will grow to replace the cut off head. Before the Hydra was killed by Hercules, it was known to greatly terrify the people living in the Lerna marshes.

Zombies: Zombies are very popular supernatural creatures. They are a regular feature in many modern films. Zombie finds its origin in ancient Haitian myths where it is called a “Zonbi” or “Zombi.” This is a special word that is given to a corpse that has been reanimated through evil means like magic or sorcery. Over the years, zombie stories have been morphed and transformed to meet present cultural contexts and fears. Also, bodies are easily reanimated by way of viruses, evil, or through any other ghoulish processes.

Vampire: Vampires have been depicted in several movies and other entertainment forms like books and games. The vampire mythology is known to originate from Europe as many cultures have their folk tales that revolve around vampiric creatures. The most common feature of the vampire is to suck people’s blood and live them for dead.

Centaurs: Centaurs are a very common supernatural creature that is simply a hybrid made up of an animal and a human being. Centaurs have horse bodies and have the chest and the head of a human. Many centaurs are known as wild, although few of them have special abilities like wisdom and intelligence.

Genies: These are mythical creatures that can grant wishes. Genies usually live in a teapot. and usually form of wisdom and intelligence. They are known to grant the wishes of anyone who wields the teapot. Genies are known for their supernatural powers as well as the ability to shape-shift into anything. They are also funny and energetic creatures.

Fairies: They are a regular feature in many Old French romantical stories. Fairies are a common type of supernatural creature that is very popular in various stories, legends, and myths. Generally, each time that fairies are mentioned, people usually picture little magical creatures with wings. However, many fairies originally never had wings as they depend on the magic to fly.

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