If you work in the manufacturing or engineering sector and you need a translation service that not only saves you time but is slick, professional, and reliable, we are a top-rated language provider for industrial organisations.

As an engineering or manufacturing business, you probably have to deal with colossal amounts of paperwork and documentation, the majority of which needs to be translated into various languages with care.


At Kings of Translation, we’ve worked alongside engineering and manufacturing firms for over 20 years and our in-house language experts have the skills to transform your most important communications, contracts, and documents into 120 different languages.


Whether you require official document translation, the transposition of training materials, professional interpretation, or anything else for that matter, we’ve got you covered.


As we work every day of the year, we boast a one-day project turnaround service —and if you have any questions or queries about what we have to offer, we provide 24/7 support.

Why use us for your manufacturing and engineering translation needs?

We’ve translated around 2,000,000 words of industry text for our engineering and manufacturing clients. We boast an entire team of industry specialists that can deliver your project with care, professionalism, and diligence, regardless of what you need. Also…

  • We offer industry-based translations in 120 languages.
  • We provide 24/7 client support.
  • We have flexible pricing plans on offer.
  • We boast niche experience and expertise.
  • We can offer a one-day translation delivery window.

Technical translation

Technical translation is undoubtedly one of the most complex areas of interpretation, requiring accuracy, attention to detail and knowledge of specifics.

Technical translation can only be adequately carried out by translation professionals with a technical education, as well as individual professionals in other areas – the translation itself will cover multiple aspects, and industry-specific terminology etc. Diligence, accuracy and a sense of responsibility are the qualities all translators should possess, however, these qualities are particularly important for technical translators.

We are proud of our team, and employ only experienced technical translators who not only possess the appropriate knowledge of a foreign language, but also a technical education in the area which applies, and who are also responsible, diligent and conscientious.

We understand that a translator’s qualification(s), knowledge and competence reflect the quality of work provided – and that this is especially important in the area of technical translation.

The context of the translator’s work, i.e., the text translated, determines how the product is used, whether the manufacturer’s requirements are respected, and how the equipment is operated, etc.

What’s so special about technical translation?

Technical translation is, in fact, a highly specialised skill.

Not all translators can carry out a technical translation.

Technical translations are distinguished by significant amounts of terminology, specifics, abbreviations, graphics, drawings, plans, etc. Possessing the knowledge of a particular foreign language, on its own, is not enough.

This is why we would advise you to entrust your technical translations only to translation companies who have proven professionals in the field.

Technical translations: what kinds of translation do we perform?

  • Technical certificates
  • User manuals for machines and mechanisms
  • Safety data sheets
  • Technical drawings
  • Vehicle documentation data
  • Catalogue items
  • Management and safety manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Construction project documentation data
  • Specifications
  • Certificates and other technical translations

Technical translations: when are they required?

There are many examples where a technical translation may be needed: when planning to build a house, reporting an accident, getting a quotation for specialised work, not to mention for students – most of whose study materials are in a foreign language, e.g., research papers in engineering – which will need specialised academic translation.

If an instruction manual for the use of a particular application is written in a language that is not known to you – to use the equipment properly, you will need to translate the instruction manual into your own tongue.

Our technical translation prices

At Kings of Translation, quality, professionalism, and value is the aim of the game. Our technical translation prices are very competitive, and we offer flexible payment options to make our services as accessible as possible. Interested? Get in touch—we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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