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Our team of professional linguists offer flawless transcriptions in 120 different languages—the kind that are accurate, natural, and really resonate. Our delivery times are swift and are rates are exceptional and we can work with any kind of audio or video format – no task is too tough – we’ve got you covered.

Our professional human transcription services

What are Language Transcription Services?

Transcription is the conversion of visual and/or audio information to text, i.e. rewriting the text in the same language in which the visual or audio material has been provided. If you need translation, the already-transcribed text is then translated.

We specialize in the transcription of information in the following areas:

Law and the legal sector; the medical sector; digital & print marketing; finance & financial services, and the arts.


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What kind of information is usually transcribed in our office?

  • Audio and / or video records of conferences
  • Video and / or audio records of seminars
  • Video and / or audio records published on the Internet
  • Interview records
  • Records of educational material
  • Promotional records
  • Audio and / or video records of meetings

Transcription services: when might they be needed?

Our experience shows the need for transcription services is high. For example, transcription services are very often required for conducting research – especially where it is necessary to transcribe interviews. There is a considerable need for the transcription of court hearings – clients and their lawyers’ conversations, as well as various police reports, and so on.

Transcription services: what is important for quality?

A transcription service requires precision, clarity and specific knowledge and skills. The transcribed text must be an exact match of the one that appears in the video or audio material. Our team members who provide transcription services know this and can guarantee the highest level of transcription available.

A good transcription maintains consistency, logic, and accuracy of information. If necessary, minimal corrections are done to make the textual information logical and clear. Additionally, when transcribing, language and stylistic errors are also corrected so that the text document is correct from a linguistic point of view, (unless the customer stipulates otherwise). If there is much repetition in the audio or video material, this is reduced in the text document (unless the customer indicates otherwise). If necessary, the text document is adapted for a specialist audience.

If transcribed text is required urgently, video or audio information can be shortened, and the transcription would focus only on the essential aspects as per the customer’s request. In this case, it will be more generalised – highlighting only the most significant elements – and presenting the main idea.

You can submit the material for transcription in any format.

We guarantee full confidentiality.

Our transcription services pricing

At Kings of Translation, we strive to offer an excellent service coupled with exceptional value. We tailor our human transcription rates to the specific needs of our clients to ensure the perfect result for the best price. As we work around the clock, our delivery times are excellent too. Interested? Get in touch, and we'll get the ball rolling.

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