How to Minimize Translation Costs?

by Robert White


Unfortunately, every internet user speaks their native language and wishes to browse localised content that they can read and understand more easily. However, the businesses will only translate content if it is profitable or cost-friendly for them. Here are a few techniques to reduce translation costs for high-quality content.

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The scope of the project

To reduce translation costs, one must walk into a project with a plan. Assuming you have decided on clear boundaries associated when you translate English to Lithuanian. In that case, you have already reduced the burden of eliminating unnecessary costs. Now you have set a realistic time to complete the project with the budgetary understanding and the project objectives.

Before accepting a project, the translator must evaluate the marketing opportunities and whether or not the project is worth translating. A translator may consider localising the content assuming their clients belong to a specific country. Translating for clients that have never heard of your linguistic talent will increase costs due to the marketing attribute.

Is the content translation friendly?

Assuming the source document contains vague ideologies, slang terms, and abbreviations. In that case, the linguist will require more time to translate English to Lithuanian. In extreme cases, deadlines may be extended, or more translators may be hired to complete the project on time.

However, the linguists will deliver quality translations with a faster turnaround if the content is accessible without complicated attributes. As a result, costs are minimized. On the other hand, clients are also requested to revise instructions and curate the content before sending them to the translator. It will prevent future revision costs.

Working with an expert agency

The third strategy may sound like a cliché, but it works. Picking a professional linguistic agency to translate English to Lithuanian will reduce costs and save time. It is specifically insightful in website translations or other mediums to attract new clients to interact with the business.

A professional service will deliver on time since they know their responsibilities. The expert linguists will mirror the source document perfectly to easily help you enter the new market. Furthermore, since the costs are lowered, the client can focus on promoting and marketing the business to generate sales and profit.

Consult a glossary

A linguist’s glossary is a reliable assistant that is always there when a translator requires help. It is a collection of words and terms that facilitates the translator to work efficiently and complete projects faster. Lastly, there are few proofreading errors when linguists translate English to Lithuanian.

The presence of an AI-based glossary is based on advanced technology well welcomed in the linguist industry. The translator can access tools with a few clicks to increase the translation’s quality and content. It makes it easier to add information without wasting time since the linguist is not manually browsing through a lengthy dictionary. Later on, it also reduces proofreading errors, further reducing costs.

Content preparation

Website localisation means translating the website pages into numerous languages to appeal to the target viewers. Therefore, before commencing a website translation, the linguist must understand the context and other parameters for successful localisation.

Begin with enlisting web page buttons, codes, texts, and articles that the linguist is required to translate. In addition, the linguist must also add the text mentioned in the header and footer menu on the home page, service page, and client testimonies. The clients may remove previous blogposts, and localised content since these aspects are irrelevant to the new market.

Kings of Translation provides cost-saving services.

It is not impossible to eliminate translation-related costs. With the dominant focus on planning and understanding the scope, Kings of Translation significantly reduces expenses and meets deadlines. We aim to deliver localised projects through successful translations. Contact the agency today via phone or email. Visit the website to submit a cost quote.

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