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Translating Divorce Documentation

by Robert White

If you are divorced, you would obviously have your marriage and divorce certificates stored in a safe place, along with their copies. You may rarely need these documents, but they will be important if you decide to apply for a visa, or if you plan to immigrate to a new country permanently. Most countries require copies of such documents to build a complete file about you.

Whether it is a birth certificate or a marriage or divorce document, immigration authorities will ask you for a copy. If you are moving to a country whose official language is different from yours, then you will also need to have the documents translated into the language of the country you are moving to.
Let’s dig into the details.

Why and When you need to get a Divorce Document Translated?

When you are preparing to immigrate, your immigration officer will tell you which documents you must provide, and whether you need to have them translated.  And trust us, in this situation, your divorce documentation is actually as important as your birth certificate.

For example, in the United States, you are not allowed to marry anyone if you are already legally married. Marrying for a second time, when the first marriage has not legally ended, is a crime known as bigamy, and it does have legal consequences. Without a copy of your divorce documentation, you may be prohibited from marrying again, so it makes sense to keep a copy of your divorce documentation, and have it professionally translated into English if it is in a different language.

Now, why would you need a translator? An official translation is essential if you need to prove your marital status. For instance, if you have to legally prove in the United Kingdom that you are divorced, you must have the relevant documentation translated into English. A Russian or Italian divorce document would not work in the UK. Thus, to avoid issues like bigamy, it is wise to translate your divorce documentation into the official language of the country where you now choose to live.   

Kings of Translation is your Saviour:

If you are looking for a certified translator, then look no further than the King of Translation; Translating legal documents, such as a divorce certificate, into another language, requires professional and specialised translators. It is not a normal translation, and as it is a legal document, you need to make sure that the translators are certified too.

Translating a legal document is done under the rules and regulations of the legal system of the country. Each text or line is drafted with care, keeping in mind the legalities of the country. The framework of the legal system is extremely important to focus upon, and only a professional and certified translator can understand the process and complete the task accurately.

Kings of Translation is a highly professional, certified company that translates all legal documents for you. Professional translators check in bilingual legal dictionaries to ensure accuracy, and these dictionaries are not easy to use and must be referenced with extreme caution. The terms used need to be legally accurate, and drafting every word with such care can only be managed by a professional translator.

Quality and legal accuracy are not the only extreme important elements in the translation procedure. Confidentiality is also an essential factor in the process. Kings of Translation makes sure that the translation of your divorce documentation maintains legal integrity at every step of the procedure, and that your confidentiality is respected throughout the process as well.   We also guarantee that we will meet your deadline for completing the translation.

It is vital to hire a professional and certified translator to translate your legal divorce documentation.  Kings of Translation are experts in this field, and will do everything to complete your procedure within the required time. You can easily contact them through their website to discuss the entire process. Contact them them today if you need to have your divorce documentation translated.


Translating a divorce document is a legal process, and you must be very careful when choosing a translator to complete the task.  A certified translator is crucial as they will understand the laws of different states and will perform the task under the light of those laws. This is why we recommend Kings of Translation for this purpose. No matter what type of document you wish to have translated and for which country you want it, these professionals will help you out in the procedure. They are aware of all the legal actions that are involved in translating a legal document, and thus, they are one of the best choices to rely upon. Moreover, they are certified professionals, so you can be confident that you will receive the most professional result.

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