Translation of Dutch Birth Certificate

by Robert White

Translating a document is not difficult although it can be challenging when you need to translate an official document such as a Dutch birth certificate. There are a range of reasons why you might need a translation of your birth certificate, such as if you need to obtain a passport or visa, or if it is required for other official procedures. Errors or careless translations can affect the validity of the document, so your best option is to consider the services of a highly qualified translator.

#Translation of Dutch Birth Certificate

Translation of Dutch Birth Certificate

The challenges of translating a Dutch document

Dutch is a West German language spoken by about 5 million people as a second language, while 24 million people all around the world speak it as a first language. A Dutch translator faces unique challenges during translation, that must be taken into consideration before translating something as important as a Translation of Dutch Birth certificate:

  • While English sentence structure is comparatively simple, having subject, verb, and object, the Dutch language is more complex. A translator must understand clearly how the sentence structures differ so they can translate the content accurately.  
  • The Dutch language uses a range of Idiomatic expressions that do not have English equivalents. If you translate these expressions literally, the English version will not make sense. A translator must be familiar enough with Dutch to understand the literal meaning behind these expressions and translate accordingly.
  • Dutch compound words can be complicated to understand and translate for anyone who is not a native speaker. Two or more words are involved in making a compound word, but this word’s meaning may differ from the component words.
  • Whatever language you are translating, you will face the challenge of words that exist in one language and not the other. For instance, there is a word “guest room” in English, but most languages do not have a particular name for this.
  • Some word has different meanings, so you have to understand the situation first and then use the meaning that is best suited to the context of the document. 

Major aspect affecting Translation of Dutch Birth Certificate as a Beginner

Beginners will find translating into Dutch is particularly challenging, and an inexperienced new translator will struggle to meet customer expectations.  If you are keen to work as a translator, but don’t have much experience, you have to start with small manageable challenges, so you can learn to understand what is expected of you.

Here are some guidelines for building your reputation as a professional translator:

  • You need a comprehensive understanding of both languages in terms of sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar in order to translate effectively.
  • Establish good communication with your client so you understand how the client wants you to translate a document.
  • Different documents have different requirements, so focus on documents which you can confidently and effectively translate.
  • You must establish a strict quality control system, including editing and proofreading the translated content, to ensure you meet the client’s expectations of excellence.

What are the benefits of learning the Dutch language?

Surprisingly, the Dutch language is one of the top five languages requested by employers in the UK. Learning another language like Dutch has many professional benefits, and it’s a great addition to your resume. You are more likely to be hired for a job than other interviewers who don’t know how to speak Dutch. Best of all, it is not a difficult language to learn; all you need is a qualified and experienced instructor to guide you.

If you are not proficient in the Dutch language, and if you have no experience in translating, what is the best option for arranging the translation of an official document, such as a Translation of Dutch birth certificate? We recommend consulting a professional translation services provider, such as Kings of Translation in the UK. Our team of professional and highly qualified translators will deliver quality work. Our translation services are not only restricted to Dutch, but are available in a range of languages.    

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