Translation quality

What does translation quality depend on?

There are many factors that determine the quality of a translation which can be distinguished as follows. First of all, the quality of the translation depends on such subjective and objective factors as: the quality of the original written text or the language spoken by the speaker as well as the translator’s training and qualifications. Secondly, there is a direct link between the quality of the translation and providing sufficient time for the translator to translate the text. The translator’s other working conditions are also important, such as the provision of special dictionaries, the possibility to consult with the customer regarding any uncertainties which have been raised by the translator. Thirdly, the quality of any verbal translation is determined by preparing the translator well on the topic of the translation. Fourthly, the quality of any verbal translation also depends on how well the interpreter has mastered the interpreting technique and on their physical and mental fitness as not every interpreter performing simultaneous interpreting can deal with the task provided due to the specialist nature of simultaneous interpreting and vice versa.

“Kings of Translation” meets all of the above-mentioned criteria – our experienced and highly qualified translators are given comfortable working conditions and are provided with the opportunity to cooperate with customers which results in excellent performance for every type of translation. Each translator works in the area he or she knows best.

Quality is the most important criterion when choosing a translation agency

How long do you think the translation agency that offers poor quality services can remain in the market? Frankly, we don’t think they’ll be around for long! The customer’s key requirement is the quality of the translation and we are absolutely prepared to fulfill this requirement. Properly translated text demonstrates the customer’s reputation, improves their image and thus contributes to their business success. And, inevitably, an inadequate translation results in completely the opposite results.

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