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From seamless eBay store and Wordpress translations to YouTube video transcriptions and beyond, we have the resources you need to get where your business where it needs to be. Our talented team of linguists will make all of your translation wishes come true—all you have to do is ask.

If you’re venturing to lands anew, you’re tackling a big international business project, or you’re a governing body that needs help with your communications, you’ll find the perfect solution with the Kings of Translation.


Our team of 2000 experienced translation experts provide a wide range of translation services to suit the specific needs of our clients or customers. So, whatever your language needs, we’ve got you covered.


No translation task is too big, small or complex. We work in close collaboration with our clients or customers to deliver translation services that are professional, effective, and get real-world results, every time.

What type of translation solutions do we offer?

Professional eBay Language Translation Services

If you’re running an eBay business and you’re looking to reach a wider, more international market, our talented team of experts will help you translate your listings into a variety of languages. As industry-leading eCommerce translation experts, we will translate your eBay content in a way that connects with the right regional audience and ultimately, earns you more sales. Simply tell us what you need, and we will translate your eBay listings for maximum success in a number of thriving regional markets. No job is too big or small, and as we work around the clock, if you need an eBay translation service in a hurry, we can turn it around for you the next day, fuss-free. Get in touch with us and one of our friendly translation experts will reach out to you to get the ball rolling.

Professional WordPress Language Translation Services

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular and influential content management systems. In fact, 25% of the Internet runs on WordPress. Whether you’re a budding business owner, a freelancer, a journalist, a blogger, or anything else for that matter, we can help you reach a wider audience with our expert WordPress translation service. Our specialist team of WordPress experts will transform your web content into over 60 languages, with flawless results that will help you really connect with your target audience. As we work around the clock, our specialist translation service is as swift as it is professional. We tailor everything we do to the specific needs of our clients, so we guarantee an end product that will meet or even exceed your translation expectations. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help you with all of your WordPress translation needs.

Professional Magneto Language Translation Services

Magento is one of the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solutions. With over 15,000 businesses currently using the platform to integrate and optimise their various promotional channels, Magento will help you reach new commercial markets. If you are looking to connect with customers from a broader range of countries and cultures, localising your Magento site is the way forward. We provide a specialist Magento translation service that will help you promote your services to consumers in regions across the globe. Our team of over 2000 language translation specialists can transpose your Magento site content into over 120 languages. Our translations are 100% accurate and delivered in a tone that is most likely to resonate with consumers in specific pockets of the world—which, in turn, will boost your business success. Do you need a Magento translation? Contact us today.

Professional Zendesk Language Translation Services

Niche or sector aside, if you’re a modern business looking for global domination, offering your audience multilingual customer service and communications is essential. If you’re using Zendesk to run your customer service initiatives, we offer a specialist translation service that will help you offer personable, accurate, and valuable information to consumers in over 120 languages. Our team of over 2000 translation experts will transform your Zendesk communications into the languages of your choice in a way that is entirely natural, fluent, and free from inaccuracies or awkward phrasing. If you can reach out and speak to consumers in their language, you will boost customer loyalty which, in turn, will accelerate the success of your business in a competitive digital age. We can make this happen for you. If you need a professional Zendesk translation, contact us today.

Professional YouTube Language Translation Services

We are visual creatures. In today’s digital age, people love to consume video content—which is why YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms on the planet. Whether you’re a budding creative, a brand manager, a business owner or a startup founder, creating compelling YouTube videos will boost your commercial success, significantly. And, if you can translate your video into a mix of different languages, even better. Our team of video translation specialists can convert your YouTube video content into over 120 languages. Not only will we transpose and optimise your video titles and descriptions, but we’ll also translate your video’s audio script or subtitles and provide voice-overs. Our YouTube translations are natural, professional, and as we work tirelessly for our clients, our turnaround times are swift. Interested? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to get the ball rolling.

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Our ever-growing selection of highly-professional language translation services is second to none. With a longstanding record of excellence, we’re trusted by the likes of Intel, BMW, BP, and WordPress, among many others.

Whatever your translation needs, personal or professional, at Kings of Translation, we guarantee a swift turnaround, friendly professional services, and flawless results that will get you where you need to be.

Our team of experts work around the clock for our customers and clients, offering cutting-edge translation services in over 120 languages.

We will not sign off a project until you are 110% satisfied with the results. And, if you’re under pressure and need something delivered on the same day, we will make it happen.

Whatever your translation requirements, we’re here for you. Please get in touch, and one of our personable translation specialists will reach out to you to get the ball rolling.

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