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Translations Of Websites

Translations of websites

Translations of websites are becoming increasingly popular in the translation sector. A website is a form of business card for every company. It is a shop window to the way they conduct their business – this is especially true when offering goods and services abroad. It is vital to ensure that the website publishes all critical text correctly, in the native language. It is also essential that the translation is of the highest quality and conveys the message in a way that the target market will understand. This demands more than just a straight adaptation. In this instance, it will not be sufficient to use the services of a translator alone – it will also be necessary to find an IT specialist. Such a specialist will copy the required text from the website for translation. They will then upload the translated version back onto to the site after translation. Once the text has been altered, it is often necessary to perform additional tasks such as changing photographs or colours, to ensure that the website will be acceptable in other countries. It is critical to take into account cultural differences and customs, as well as the language – something which is funny and engaging to a Lithuanian may look strange and unacceptable to a Frenchman!

Translations of websites: complex and responsible work

The translation of websites is quite tricky work. Firstly, the interpretation may be complicated since the text is not presented in one file, and needs to be “assembled” on the website.

Secondly, it is essential to agree with the translator in advance what information should be translated. Websites in foreign languages contain less information than the original language. This is because the information provided usually relates to the original location.

Thirdly, it is important to remember when translating a website, that there will usually be a requirement to translate far more text than one sees at first glance. It will be necessary to convert the full text of the menu, any error messages, the text on the buttons, the website’s name, links, etc.

Fourthly, when translating a website there must be close co-operation with the text’s editors and the information technology specialists. Sometimes, the translated version has to be checked by several editors to make sure there are no errors. Additionally, before submitting the text to the translator, it may be forwarded to the language editor who will double check whether the copy in the original language contains any errors – this will help to ensure the quality of the final translation.

Moreover, the translator, while translating the text, must always take into account the culture of another country and the characteristics of the target audience.

Translations of websites: peculiarities

The most popular languages into which websites are translated are English and Chinese. Also prevalent are the European languages. Recently, translations into the Scandinavian languages have seen an increase in demand. However, there are cases where websites are translated into unique and complex languages. Of course, it does not matter which language the site needs to be translated into – our professional translators are always ready to interpret the many non-standard languages, words, and expressions, that may crop up from time to time.

Pricing of website translations depends entirely on the volume of work. It is always advisable to contact the translation agency for advice on this – the specialists who work there will be able to adjust the pricing – according to what they find – and answer any questions you may have.

These days customers often ask: why turn to a professional translator when I can use a machine translation?  It is a fact that automated translations can never equal the superior work of an experienced translator and cannot come close to replicating the interpretive work that a human can do. You should always remember that your website is the “shop window” of your company, and potential customers and partners will judge your enterprise on what they see and read there. High-quality translations your website will always improve the image of the company and will pay for themselves many times over in new sales and leads.

Translations of websites: how much do they cost?

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