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Unfortunately, the Turkish language is not spoken worldwide.  For Turkish documents to be accepted anywhere, they need to be translated. You may hire a freelancer or a close acquaintance to do it. However, professional translation services will always take the cake with mirror translation of the source document.

Turkish Translation

Turkish Translation services

Turkish translation is mainly undertaken by native speakers who carry a deep understanding of the language. These services are in demand because of Turkey’s close association with the Middle East and European countries. Turkey is the global leader in market growth at present, and that comes with investors and secure business establishment.

The Turkish language is filled with symbols, accents, and cultural rules. Therefore, we suggest hiring a professional Turkish translation service to accommodate the language complexities and provide you with the perfect translation the first time. The probability of receiving an excellent translation is much higher when translated by qualified translators who have made linguistic sciences their profession.

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Turkish Translation

Turkish Language Area of Expertise


It is essential to know the scientific and technological advancements the country is making. Some of the earliest vaccine discoveries regarding COVID were made by Turkish scientists. No doubt, their journals were translated into other languages to understand how they came to the conclusions and which parameters were used.


Numerous multinational companies have their offices set up in Turkey. This means the parent or subsidiaries create financial statements in Turkish. Professional Turkish Translation services may be hired to translate balance sheets or profit statements into a single language for stakeholders. Investors are constantly requesting policies and financial documents to assess the company’s performance

Lastly, the Turkish language is also required in legal services. These are also filled with sensitive information which must be translated exactly as the source document. These forms of translation are extremely rushed since the legal process is time-bound. Any delay in submitting papers will prolong the legal process and waste the court’s time.

How to identify an excellent Turkish translator?

Appreciating culture

Turkey is not based on a single culture. It is an amalgamation of religions and cultures living in the same country. Therefore, cultures must be represented in the translation. A translator should not carry misconceptions or stigmas, or it will be reflected in the translation. Language must be appreciated and treated the same as dialects.

Accepting criticism

There are over 30 dialects and languages spoken in Turkey alone. Therefore, a translator must accept criticism if the dialects or spellings do not match. Professional Turkish translation is based on a comprehensive understanding of the language. Therefore, take the client feedback with a grain of salt and base it on improving translation talents.

Time management

Meeting timelines are very routine in linguistic services. Sometimes, the translations are stricter than the remainder of the days. Therefore, the translators must make the best of the time available. They must find the correct balance to translate speedily without compromising on the language and ensure client happiness.

How to translate Turkish?

Find the nouns

English sentences revolve around the verb. However, Turkish sentences are more noun-centric. They revolve around the subject rather than the action. This does not mean that verbs are not necessary. Verbs in the Turkish language come at the end of the sentence, followed by auxiliary verbs. Use do or bring to create Turkish verbs.


You cannot form a sustainable building without a reliable skeleton. The same goes for the Turkish language. Some words are repeatedly used to introduce new variants. Translators can improve the clarity and flow of language by reading literature or newspaper articles.

Sentence structure

In the Turkish language, short sentences are the best. There is no requirement to add unneeded prepositions or articles. Refrain from composing or compounding sentences. Do not make nominalization the theme of the language.  Limit relative clauses and prefer active to passive voices.  There are extremely few exceptions where the passive voice is applicable in the Turkish language.

How is Turkish Language unique?

Turkish to English
Number of Turkish Speakers

The number of people who speak the Turkish language has exceeded 75 million this year. The language is primarily spoken in Turkey and the surrounding countries. Because of the successful international relationships and labor import and export, Turkish is now spoken in more than 30 countries. The list includes most of Europe, including Germany.

Filled with syllables

Turkish is considered a complicated language. The sentences are formed using prefixes and suffixes rather than adding new words. Let us give you an example. The simple word evlerinizden means house in the Turkish language. However, it is based on four different parts; ev, ler, iniz, and den.

Do not address using the first name!

Titles are essential, especially if you do not know the person. The preferred way to address a stranger is by calling them eyze (auntie) or amca (uncle). You can also use the titles of madam and sir if it is a one-time professional conversation. It is extremely rude to call people by their first name that you don’t know.

Plan the next vacation to Turkey

translate Turkish
Leonardo da Vinci designed the Bosphorus Bridge.

Leonardo da Vinci submitted a plan to build a bridge across the Golden Horn in 1503. It was the entrance to the Bosphorus bridge that divides Istanbul. The plans were approved, but the bridge was never built. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the plans are well underway to complete the bridge.

Birthplace of Talents

Saul or Paul the Apostle was actually born in southern Turkey in a place called Tarsus. The famous Greek story narrator was also born in Turkey near Thrace, a strip that runs along the Black Sea. The Greek historian Herodotus was born in Bodrum.

You couldn’t wear a Fez in Turkey.

For those who don’t know, the red hat with the black tassel is called afez. The red dye to build the hat came from Morocco. In the 1920s, president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk banned wearing the fez since it represented the Ottoman Empire. However, the law is not active anymore.

Kings of Translation area of expertise

Kings of Translation will provide professional Turkish translation services in the following sectors:

  • Certified document translation (Passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, diploma, academic certificate, affidavit, medical records, car insurance documents and etc.).
  • Notarised document translation
  • Apostille
  • Legal document translation
  • Localizing websites for Turkish customers and users
  • Localizing games for the Turkish entertainment industry
  • Localizing mobile applications for Turkish users
  • Localizing product packaging for Turkish customers
  • Customer support translation to aid Turkish clients
  • Menus, pamphlets, and tourist guidelines for Turkish tourism

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Turkish Translation

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