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A Quick Guide on Installation Manuals

by Robert White

An installation manual is an important technical document containing the instructions for the installation of equipment (hardware or software). The document also includes precautions and safety warnings that must be observed at the time of installation. For example, an installation manual for an air conditioner may provide information related to outdoor unit installation, connecting the wires to the terminal and connecting outdoor and indoor unit piping. The installation manual is of utmost importance in construction work involving boilers, machines, generators, pumps, and radiators. The manual is not only useful to ensure the safe use of machines but can also assist in reducing maintenance costs as well.

The installation manual is often confused with the assembly manual. While an assembly manual helps in product assembly by showing how the parts of a product fit together, an installation manual outlines the steps for installing a usable product.

This guide will explain more about the installation manual – what it is, the importance of using it, and how to prepare a good installation manual. One more thing: by reading this guide till the end, you will also discover how to arrange technical translation services in case you need to translate an installation manual. Let’s begin, so we can discover some amazing facts!

What is an installation manual and why you should use it?

An installation manual is a manual with written instructions for the installation of equipment. Most installation manuals provide unit-specific instructions to guide you through unloading and installing the unit in question. In short, the main purpose of an installation manual is to ensure the proper use of the equipment.

If you are wondering why you need an installation manual, the answer is simple: for safety! The installation of a machine or a product may seem straightforward as if it does not need much explanation but it is not a good idea to simply set the installation manual to one side. It is very important for the safe use of a machine. For example, when you install a diesel generator, you might not understand the importance of tightening the nuts and bolts as well as setting it into operational mode, unless you read the installation manual. In short, an installation manual is very important for the efficient and safe use of a machine!

A quick guide on how to write installation manuals

An installation manual is usually written by a technical writer who understands the technicalities involved in the installation process. The first step for preparing an installation manual is to explain installation and configuration procedures for every unit of the equipment.  Visuals play a great role in preparing an installation manual, and make a highly effective alternative to alphanumeric information. A visually-oriented installation manual can provide better and faster understanding with less chance of confusion.

When writing the process of installing each part of the system, it is important that you list the steps in the correct order. The basic characteristics and features should be identified in a bullet list or in a table format, and you should include a list of precautions. You should also identify any prerequisites or system requirements, for example, any hardware, software, or firmware requirements must be described when writing an installation manual of a system software.

If the product is to be sold in more than one country, the installation manual may need to be translated into several different languages. Whatever language is used, the content of an installation manual translation must be clear and easy to understand.

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