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Our experienced collective of linguistic experts boasts engaging marketing translations in up to 120 different languages. As we work 24/7, our project delivery times are second to none.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, content is king. Without powerful targeted, and engaging messaging, your advertising or marketing efforts will not resonate with your audience.


As a marketer or advertiser, your primary aim should be boosting brand awareness and conquering new markets—one of the most effective ways of doing so is through language translation. But, only if you do it right.


If you have a digital marketing campaign or a vital brand advert that you need translating into other languages, we’ve got you covered.


Our collective of marketing and ad content translation specialists can transpose your communications into over 120 languages, optimising the text so that it’s natural and increases engagement.


We work almost every day of the year, our turnaround times are speedy, and if you need a project delivered the next day, we can make it happen.


Why use us for your marketing and advertising translation needs?

Our dynamic team of marketing experts boast niche skills in both language translation and copywriting. In addition to our unrivalled skillset, by using us for your marketing and advertising translation needs, you will also benefit from:

  • Effective translations in 120 different languages.
  • Round the clock customer support.
  • Excellent rates and flexible payment options.
  • One-day project turnaround (if required)

Marketing translations

Marketing Translations are increasing in popularity as more and more companies opt to expand their activities into the international market. High-quality marketing translations help smooth and high-quality communication with customers and consumers. Each field of translation has its specialities, and the major difficulty translators of marketing texts encounter are that the translator must not only be able to translate the submitted text accurately, but must also be able to convey the concept to the consumer. Marketing and advertising have their own particular terminology that changes over time, and is frequently supplemented with new terms. Translators of marketing texts must continuously adapt to changing circumstances – and incorporate these innovations, ideas and techniques, into their translated texts.

Marketing translations: we translate both orally and in writing

  1. Marketing materials: booklets, brochures, catalogues, flyers
  2. Publications for foreign companies
  3. Presentation materials
  4. Website content
  5. Exhibition stands
  6. Presentations
  7. Press conferences


It is worth mentioning that a unique study, conducted in Europe, looked at consumers speaking one, two or more languages. Interestingly, the results of the experiments showed the most effective advertising is that which is presented in the consumers’ native language. Moreover, the responsiveness to advertising to consumers in their native language – when they spoke just one language – was much stronger. It is believed that this is because consumers have more personal memories in their native language, so an advertisement presented in this language, results in more positive emotions.  Such research shows that marketing translations are essential for companies operating on an international level, as their business success, and market penetration depends on it.

Marketing translations: other considerations

It is best to entrust the checking of a translated text to a resident of the country where the marketing text will be used. This is important because people living and working in the country concerned usually know all the nuances of contemporary language – this is critical in marketing. After all, the name of a brand might be well understood in one country, but it may not sound right or make sense in another.

Translators of marketing texts must be able to deliver high-quality translations but, they must also be creative and aware of local customs and sensibilities. Translators of marketing texts avoid translating literally, by doing so the message may lose its essential meaning, and then it will not have any impact. Translators might be creating new marketing texts in a foreign language while still maintaining the original style. The translated text must be brief, vivid, informative, emotive – and it must attract attention. Translators of marketing texts with many years of experience can deal with this brief perfectly.


When choosing a translator of marketing texts, it is important to inquire about their qualifications. Choose the most capable translators – this is a common sense investment in business. It is not worth trying to save money at the expense of translations, because the quality of the work done by a competent translator will pay for itself many times over. It is also important to remember that it is better not to have any translation at all, rather than a poor one because the improperly translated text will not perform – and will undermine the overall image of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

Our marketing translation prices

At Kings of Translation, we live to offer our customers unrivalled value and quality. Our tailored marketing translation prices are incredibly affordable—we also provide flexible payment options if that's what you need. Have a question? Get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to help—we'll also give you a quote on your next project.

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