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From marketing materials and official documents to financial materials, medical communications, and beyond, our professional translation services suit every need, project, circumstances, and budget.

Our tight-knit team of language experts work 24/7 and can deliver highly-professional translations in 120 languages. Whatever your translation needs, we can make it happen and our prices, as well as delivery times, are among the best in the business.

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Welcome to our translation service

Our extensive network of linguists can offer flawless translations for every niche or industry imaginable in over 120 different languages.

When you place an order, we will assign two of our professional translators with skills or knowledge that best suit your project. The pair will work together to ensure that every translation is natural, fluid, flawless, and meets stringent industry standards.

We will never sign off a project until you are 110% satisfied, so you can rest assured that the end result will be nothing short of exceptional.

Why Kings of Translation?

When it comes to language translation, we are one of the industry leaders. We have the knowledge, experience, and experience to make your words count in regions across the world. Here are a few other reasons to use our translation service:

Swift delivery

As our ever-expanding team of linguists work around the clock, our project delivery times are industry-leading. We can even turn translations around in 24 hours if that’s what you need.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are among the best in the biz. We provide highly professional services at prices that don’t bust the bank—and we can tailor our rates or payment plans to suit your specific needs.

International reach

Our team of world-class linguists have niche industry experience in a wealth of industries and can provide flawless translations in over 120 different international languages.

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Explore our unique approach to language translation

At Kings of Translation, we offer language services custom-made for the modern age. Read about our unique methods and language translation values here:

Our translation management system (TMS)

Based on your personal requirements and project parameters our TMS can automate large phases of the translation process with speed and accuracy. Our TMS will give you the tools to track the progress of your translations from one user-friendly dashboard, informed and in control at all times.

Our expert human translation services

We have over 3,000 language translation experts in our ever-expanding international network. As a result of our global reach and unrivalled expertise, we can always provide you with a translation expert for your specific industry, niche or requirements. We offer very competitive prices, too.

24/7 translation service delivery times

As we work around the clock, 24/7, our translation delivery times industry-leading. in fact, we can deliver projects in 24 hours without compromising on quality, if that’s what you need.

Swift, flawless results that will get you exactly where you need to be. We won’t rest until you’re 110% satisfied with our work—something we pride ourselves on at Kings of Translation HQ.

120 languages

We provide a wealth of cutting-edge translation services in 120 different languages. If you want to expand your global reach the right way, we have the tools and the talent to get you there.

Our extensive network of experienced linguists have the skils and the talent to cover an almost endless range of translation combinations and detailed tasks—so you can rest assured that your project is in expert hands.

Translation: translation of specialised texts

Our translators provide high quality translation of texts from/to over 120 world languages in the fields of law, economics, scientific literature, the automotive industry, insurance, finance, advertising, IT technologies, engineering, medicine, pharmaceutical, etc.

Translation: How do we work?

Each order – whether it is a simple, short, business document, or a manual of several hundred pages – is carried out as an individual project using the following working principles:

There will always be two people working with the text you provide – a translator and an editor. We want to ensure a quality translation; translators and verifying editors are selected for each translation order based on their education, experience, and area of specialisation. Our team consists of numerous translators – we can assign the most appropriate specialists to each translation to ensure the highest calibre conversion. As we adhere to European quality standards – translators who are native speakers perform most of the translations. This means the translated text is localised to the language of the country for which it is intended.

Written translations (translation of texts) maintain the original format. Although documents for such written translations can also be provided in a different format, customers generally prefer to receive translations in the same format as the original text. In cases where the format is editable, there is no problem. However, sometimes there are orders in which uneditable text is provided, and the customer wishes to have the translation in the same format as the original. In such cases, we use our in-house, professional, well-trained, IT specialists, to provide the best solution to match the client’s expectations.

Our translation service pricing

Our language translation service prices are industry-leading and start at 0.06 GBP per word. We live to offer value and as such, our rates will not break the bank. Request a quote today and we’ll provide you with the best possible rates for your needs.

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