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All You Need to Know About Arranging the Translation of Dutch Birth Certificates

by Robert White
Dutch birth certificate translation

When you are looking for a translation agency to translate your documents from Dutch into other languages, you need to consider various factors. You need to ensure that the Dutch translator is qualified and experienced in the type of translation work you require.  And you also need to consider the importance of the translator’s general knowledge and proficiency in both the Dutch language and the target language.  Dutch is different from other popular languages of the world so you need a translator with the experience and professionalism to maintain the accuracy and the key message of your document. If you are based in the UK and need translation services for your Dutch birth certificates, you may contact Kings of Translation for prompt, accurate and cost-effective translation of your documents. Want to know all about this? Let’s get started now!

Choosing the right Dutch translation services

In the business world, the need for Dutch translation services is increasing day by day. More and more companies are expanding their businesses into the global market, which has led to the need for translation of business documents from Dutch into other languages. The task of choosing reliable Dutch translation services is challenging. It takes more than being fluent in source and target languages in order to become a professional standard translator.  It takes years of experience for the translators to produce accurate translations in multiple languages. Many people are tempted by the offer cheap translation services, not realising that the result will not be accurate or professional, making the low price a complete waste of money.  Even expensive agencies can deliver poor quality translations, so it is important to research the translation agencies, consider their experience and qualification criteria for their translators, and then choose a translation agency that can offer you quality services at an affordable price.

A key factor behind high-quality results for translated documents, it is essential to determine the agency’s quality control methods. Ask if the translation agency provides editing or proofreading facilities and whether they deliver their translations in a fast and accurate manner. Another way to assess the quality of the agency’s work is to check the qualification of the employees of the translation agency, so you can see whether they are fully certified to offer the Dutch translation services.

How Dutch is different from other languages?

Dutch is a popular language spoken by more than 25 million people in the world. While it is closely related to German and English, there are also some key differences.  

Dutch and German,  are both very popular languages and belong to the same family. They share some similarities, although there are a range of differences between both languages in terms of phonetics, vowel sounds, grammatical structure and spelling rules. The Dutch languages have a simple and easy grammatical structure and word order. The major main distinction of Dutch  lies in the pronunciation of the letter G, which is pronounced in the same way as “ch” of English in the Dutch language.

Most English words end up with voiced consonants that are not present in the Dutch language. Moreover, ten auxiliary verbs such as “do” does not exist in Dutch, so an English sentence such as “Where do you come from?” will be translated into Dutch as “Where you come from”. For example, in Dutch, as ‘do’ is absent, so the sentence will become “Where you come from.”

Kings of Translation offers the best Dutch birth certificate translation services.

A birth certificate is an important personal document that includes a person’s name, parents’ name, place, and date of birth. The translation of a birth certificate is often required when you are applying for a visa or a passport for work or study purposes. As a birth certificate is an official document, it is essential to choose a highly qualified and accredited translation service, so you maintain the accuracy of the document. At this time, choosing the best Dutch translation services becomes difficult. There are several factors that must be considered while selecting a translation agency that may offer Dutch birth certificate translation services. These factors may include the agency’s experience in the translation field, competitive pricing, prompt services, and fast and accurate results. If you are in the UK and want a fast, accurate and cost-effective translation agency, you need to look no further Kings of Translation.

With decades of experience in the translation industry, Kings of Translation has a strong background in offering exceptional Dutch translation services at competitive rates. At Kings, we believe in customer satisfaction, which is why we focus on providing fast and effective delivery of translations.

Certified translation

We have a great team of translators who are highly experienced and officially certified. To date, they have produced a large number of translated birth certificates in different languages. We can provide:

  • Accurate and professional translation services
  • Affordable price rates
  • Customized plans to suit clients’ needs
  • High-quality translations within one or two working days
  • Dedicated customer support

If you want to discuss your project needs with our translators, you can contact us via email or our official contact number. Our contact details are below; we look forward to working with you and providing you the best quality of your Dutch birth certificate translation.


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