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Everything You Need to Know About the Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates

by Robert White

Arabic is said to be an official language of more than 25 countries in the world. If you have planned to move to an Arabic-speaking country, either for work, school, as an internee, you will need a basic knowledge of the Arabic language so you can engage in conversation with the native speakers and also explore the country’s culture and learn more about the political environment. 

Arabic birth certificate translation

If you were born in an Arabic country, and applying for immigration to the UK, or wishing to marry, apply for a visa, passport or marriage licence in the UK, you will need to arrange for the translation of your Arabic birth certificate. A certified translation of your birth certificate can also act as important identification. In such cases, you need to contact a translation agency to request a professional translation of your Arabic birth certificate.

This post shares all you need to know about the translation of the Arabic birth certificate. Here, we discuss the benefits of learning Arabic if you are visiting an Arabic country temporarily or permanently and we also explain why knowing Arabic is not enough to effectively translate a birth certificate, and how to arrange professional translation services for your essential documents, such as Arabic birth certificates.

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Need to learn Arabic for visiting Arab countries?

Learning Arabic is fun and interesting, although it is a difficult language to learn. It can take a great deal of time and effort to become proficient at reading, writing, or speaking this language. Learning Arabic can be particularly beneficial if you travel to an Arab country either for a temporary or permanent visit. Having a knowledge of the language gives you the freedom to communicate  a host family and interact more effectively  at school or work. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the country’s culture, traditions, history and literature. You can meet new people, explore the outside world, and boost your linguistic skills at the same time.

The Governments and agencies of the Arab countries currently offer scholarships to people who are interested in participating in Arabic studies. A knowledge of the language is particularly beneficial if you are going to an Arabic country to advance your education. There are professional advantages to becoming proficient in the Arabic language – many countries prefer to work with the Middle-East countries as their economy is very strong. If you work for a company that is expanding its business to an Arab country, learning to speak Arabic will give you a significant professional advantage.   

Major things or tools to consider when learning Arabic

There are several tools available in the market that may help you to learn Arabic. Research carefully, so you can choose a tool that is compatible with your learning style and needs. One popular tool for learning Arabic is ‘Living Language Arabic.’ This tool will help you understand the basics of the language, including comprehension, grammar, reading, writing, and sentence structure.

Another effective learning tool is the ‘FluentU.’ This tool uses real-time videos and then converts the dialogue into the language that a user wants to learn. You can learn a wide range of languages  using FluentU including Arabic.

Most people prefer to learn a language through an audio program, as the written language basics can seem boring. If this is your learning style, you would benefit from an amazing tool known as the Pimsleur Arabic program. With this learning resource, you just need to listen to the audio lessons.

Whatever tool you use, the key to learning a language is to practice every day. Find a way to speak Arabic words or sentences every day, so you can apply what you have learned, and build up your confidence in using the language.

Get professional Arabic birth certificate translation services

Arabic birth certificate translation

Learning conversational Arabic does not qualify you to translate important official documents, such as birth certificates. If you are based in the United Kingdom and want to translate your English birth certificate into Arabic, or an Arabic birth certificate into English or any other language, contact Kings of Translation for the best certified Arabic translation services. Since its foundation, this translation agency has been providing comprehensive translation services throughout the UK.

At Kings of Translation, our team of excellent translators and linguists will provide you with 100 percent quality translation services within the specified time. Our translators are officially qualified and trained in the relevant industry, so they can handle all your translation requirements professionally, ultimately providing accurate translations without altering the original context.

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