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Diploma translation

by Robert White

What is diploma translation?

A diploma is an official document issued by a learning institute, confirming that a person has successfully completed a particular educational course and earned a certificate. The document lists the full name of the graduate, the diploma studied and completed, and the educational institution issuing the document.  The name of the institution is mandatory as this reflects where the graduate completed the course. The date of successful completion is also given, and the diploma also displays the certified seal of the institution. This diploma represents the recipient’s professional qualifications, and is an essential document when he or she seeks employment or chooses to continue their further education. Only a certified and experienced translator can translate the diploma accurately without any error.

Who needs a diploma translation?

You will need to show your current qualifications when you are searching for a job or if you wish to continue your education. If you move to a different country, and your diploma is in a different language than the language used where you are seeking work or further education, you will need to arrange a professional diploma translation. You will also need a translation of your educational qualifications if you are moving to the UK, as you will need to present the diploma to immigration authorities. Kings of Translation provide translation services to individuals and institutions, including schools and businesses. They provide the highest quality of content and maintain the confidentiality of their customers. The work is completed by professional certified translators who specialise in diploma translations.

When the diploma translation is required?

An expert translation is required whenever you need to present the original document to someone who speaks a different language. When submitting the document for translation, make sure the original document is accurate and easy to read. Choose a translator who is qualified and experienced in translating documents such as diplomas, so you can be assured of the highest quality result. Our translations go through an accuracy process to make sure that language and the format remains correct after translation, and then we certify the translated document.

Receive professional services

Kings of Translation provide professional diploma translation services for anyone seeking a job in a foreign country. The services are also available for those who wish to continue their education in foreign universities. Book the services of Kings of Translation simply by submitting an order, and our professional team of translators will start work. As diplomas are essential proof of your qualifications, you will need a diploma translation if you are applying for further studies or employment in a country with a different language. For the sake of authenticity, it is extremely important that your diploma translation is accurate and free of error. Diploma translations should also be readable and easy to understand.

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When you need professional translation services, contact Kings of Translation, as we will provide the best services at the most reasonable budget. Our team includes professionals who are specifically qualified in diploma translation services, and we also offer a wide range of other translation services as well. King of Translation is based in London, and our professional team has a command on multiple languages so they can easily translate any document. Our translators also maintain the exact style and format of the original document. We offer complete confidentiality to all our clients.

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