Important Tips to Write a Successful Motivational letter

by Robert White

A successful motivational letter is a personal statement or cover letter. It is usually a little piece of writing about your previous experience, your objectives, your personality, and your hobbies. In comparison to writing a CV or filling out a form, the motivational letter can be challenging to write because it is intended to convey more of your personality and your individual voice. You need to put a great deal of thought into what you want to say, and how you want to present your life experiences.  The words should be written in an authentic and professional manner.

 What is meant by the motivation letter?

A motivational letter is basically a letter that is sent along with your professional resume when you apply for a job, an internship or for admission into a university. The motivational letter includes the personal statements that the Human Resource team or selection panel will consider while they are selecting the right person for the position. It is an important document, and is generally compulsory whenever you submit an application. Even when the motivation letter is not officially required, you should send it anyway, as it provides a positive impression of your personality. Make sure you tailor the content to ensure it appeals to the panel who receive it.   

How to write a motivational letter?

In order to write the most effective motivational letter, you must keep a few essentials in mind to ensure that your letter will be the best.

  • First of all, cover all the basic and important points in the application, demonstrating to the panel that you should be called for the interview. 
  • Make sure the writing pattern is structured and demonstrates your purpose and willingness.
  • Mention all your personal interests in the motivational letter. If you are applying for a particular degree, mention any relevant personal or professional experience that demonstrates your ability to fill the role.
  • Rather than providing your relevant experience in a list format, as it would be seen on a CV, describe your experience creatively, in a story format, so it has a positive impact on the reader, and demonstrates your interest in the subject.   
  • Avoid any vague statement that could reflect two meanings as these statements can reduce the personality and confidence of the applicant. Don’t repeat the statements that you have already added in the letter.
  • The letter should be professionally written and carefully edited. Be specific and write in a way that ensures the content is informative and engaging.

Tips for writing a perfect motivational letter

To write the best and eye-catching motivational letter, you must follow a few tips. Firstly, write the relevant information as if you are writing a story so that readers will find the letter interesting and engaging. Secondly, avoid writing too much detail as the reader may lose interest before grasping the point of your letter. Just be yourself and mention all the facts about yourself and share all your relevant life experiences.

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