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Why Do You Need Technology in Translation

by Robert White

Revolution of translation industry:

Translation services are considered to be the most simple and easy business. In the past, the translators simply converted documents into other languages by simply writing skills. They could write a letter by listening from the people etc. With time the things kept changing.  The typewriters and translators replaced handwritten documents started using typewriters. They started using different dictionaries of multiple languages to understand the rare words to accomplish their tasks. In the modern age, the computer has replaced the typewriters and translators prefer to use the computer systems with ultimate technologies. The computer has access to the internet so they can assist people in finding the meaning of difficult words online easily.

Way of doing business:

Technology has indeed changed the way of doing business. In the past, people came to the translation service providers to get their documents converted. But things have changed! Now the translation services providers can provide their services from all over the world in a matter of few clicks away. They can exchange their documents with the help of the internet. Also, they can get the payment through the online payment options. The technology removes all boundaries and helps them in expanding their businesses. Now all translation service providers have their website through which their customers can contact them and know about their services.

Efficient working:

It is difficult to manage all things manually in the translation business. You have to translate the documents with utmost perfection and accuracy so that it doesn’t change the meaning of the original document. With the help of latest technology, the translators can use the different software for maintaining the quality of the documents. The latest software’ can assist them in translating processes such as grammar mistakes, pronunciation, and alignment and in many other important aspects of translation. The other main thing is the availability of the dictionary as you will get the built-in dictionaries by using various online software. All these things can save the time of translation service providers and increase their productivity.

Access of information:

  1. Technology makes it possible to assess the information from all over the world. Translation service is not only bound to translate the documents into other languages. They must have the latest information from different parts of the world regarding cultural differences,
  2. linguistic contexts, choice of active words etc. latest technology enables translation service providers to access any information online and serve their customers in the best possible way.

Computer-assisted translation:

  • The computer-aided translation is the wonder of the latest technology. Computer-assisted translation is known as CAT and has Tools such as MemoQ, Trados and many others. With the help of this software, the translators can break the content into the different segments. Also, the
  • translated documents can be automatically saved into the database and readily available for future use. The main advantage of using the software is that the repetitive content in translation will be automatically removed, and the translator will deliver the high quality of the material.

Transfer of files:

Technology makes our lives easier; you don’t need to bring your documents manually. People can transfer their documents to the translator through the internet. And the translators can send them back after the conversion. Will save the time of both parties and help the translators to deal with the people from the different parts of the world.

Chances of growth:

Technology can remove the barriers to do a successful business. You can promote your business with the help of the internet all over the world. Almost every business has their website, whether they are dealing with a small or large scale. You can market your translation services on social sites, and most of them are free such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms. translation services can be given online visibility without needing a proper office or setup that reduces cost in addition to providing other benefits.

They can operate their business online that can save the cost of running the office along with additional charges.

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