Arranging Translation of an Arabic Marriage Certificate in the UK

by Robert White
Arabic marriage certificate translation
Arabic marriage certificate translation

Do you know there are more than 300 million people whose official language is Arabic? This makes Arabic one of the most common languages in the world. The Arabic-speaking people mostly originate to the Middle East countries. The Arabic language has a unique method of constructing words from basic roots.  If you are visiting an Arab country, it is always a good idea to understand some basic words or phrases of the Arabic language so you can communicate with the local speakers more easily.

If you are in a situation where you need to arrange the translation of an Arabic document such as a marriage certificate, you must contact a reliable translation company like Kings of Translation. There are several reasons why you might need a translation of a marriage certificate, such as if you are planning to immigrate or need to arrange the distribution of marital assets, you must have an accurate translation of your marriage certificate.

If you want to know more about Kings of Translation and how its translation services can benefit you personally and professionally, or if you want to learn more about how Arabic is different from other languages, this article has you covered.

Difference between Arabic and English

As Arabic is a Semitic language, the grammatical structure used in Arabic is quite different from other languages. All the Arabic words or parts of speech are made from a root. Arabic and English are very different languages, with different vowels and consonants, and even  different nouns, adjectives or verbs.

The difference between Arabic and English also lies in the sound of vowels, making the pronunciation of words quite different. Both English and Arabic have a definite article although Arabic has a different definite article. However, the indefinite article does not exist in the Arabic language.

What questions you should ask your Arabic translation service provider?

Whether you want to translate your Arabic personal document or a business document, you must hire the services of a reliable and professional translation service provider. But how can you be sure that the translation company that you have chosen is reliable and professional? There are several questions that you can ask your Arabic translation service provider in order to confirm that you will receive the best results.

Are your translators fluent in both source and target language? This is a very important question to ask. If the translators are not expert in source and target languages, they will be unable to provide you with accurate translations. You must investigate their experience level as well.

Ask about the translator’s translation process and how it is handled. You want to know that the translator is adept enough to know how to find equivalent words when there is no direct translation of a certain word or term. Without this ability, the translated version will lose its accuracy and authenticity.

Ask about the company values, experience levels, market position and customer service approach.  You should also know their delivery system, along with payment terms and conditions.

Choosing the best Arabic translation service provider in the UK

Now you know the questions to ask before arranging a translation of the unique Arabic language, you can streamline your approach and choose Kings of Translation for all your translation needs. Why? Kings of Translation is one of the best translation service providers in the United Kingdom, with several years of experience in the translation industry, along with  expert translators who have a thorough knowledge of both source and target language.

At Kings of Translation, we can provide certified translations of an Arabic marriage certificate. Once you send us the document, we can send you an  accurate and comprehensive translation which means that each word is translated accurately into the target language and the original meaning of the sentences remains exactly the same.

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