Anatomy of the Best Facebook Posts | Increasing Facebook Engagement

Content posted onto a Facebook user’s wall or timeline is known as a Facebook post. The post may be in the form of an image, video, life event, or live video. Unlike Twitter, Facebook posts are not limited to 140 characters, so you can write long paragraphs, combined with photos or videos. You can post from your computer or a smartphone. Whatever method you choose, you can find a way to create successful Facebook posts. Want to know more? Let’s read on.

A perfect Facebook post is a post that has no-brainer text and can grab the attention of the readers, and your goal is to get the maximum likes, comments and links. The key to achieving this is to ensure that the content of your posts appeals to your target audience. Now you might be wondering whether perfect Facebook posts even exist? The answer is simple: Yes, they do exist and if you want to create such posts that achieve better results and increase your audience engagement, you must follow some simple tips.

It is not easy to create Facebook content that stands out from the crowd. You must come up with fresh ideas and know exactly what to post. Here in this guide, we will highlight the anatomy of the best Facebook posts. You will learn how to increase Facebook engagement by making your posts go viral. Our useful and simple tips will help you write impressive and compelling Facebook posts.

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How to make Facebook posts go viral?

So, you want to increase the reach of your posts but do not know where to start. Here we will show you how you can make your Facebook posts go viral.

  • Get personal with your Facebook posts. Share your experience on your business page and personalise the updates. Your audience will connect with such posts on a deeper level, increasing their engagement through likes and comments.
  • Find your most liked and most shared photo on Facebook and publish it on your page. This will increase engagement for your posts.
  • Check the timing to figure out when your followers are most active online. This is the time to publish fresh posts.

Effective tips to write an impressive and the best Facebook posts

One of the most effective tips for creating consistently impressive Facebook posts is to set a balance between your posts. For example, if you have a business page, vary your content, alternating fun articles, videos and images in between your business-related posts, rather than only posting about your business. This will attract your followers and encourage them to follow you regularly. If you only post about your business, people will see all your Facebook posts as commercials and they are most likely to skip over them.

Style your message to reflect your business and post the type of content that softens the professional image of your business. Keep your posts short and deliver the intended message in the entire post without making it long.

When someone likes your page or a post, it means he/she appreciates your content and want to see more of it. Take note of which posts are the most popular, so you can continue giving your audience what they want to see. Stay regular but relevant as well.

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What do you need to know about Insurance Documents?

Insurance is a financial process established to protect people from loss or uncertainty in business or human life. It provides safety and security to the person who is insured, and insurance documents are designed to eliminate or decrease the risk of loss to life and property. In the case of life insurance, a contract is made between an insurer and a policy holder to pay a sum of money upon the death of an insured person. When a person insures his property, then they can make a claim if the property is damaged or destroyed as a result of an accident or damage from water or fire. The insurer (usually the insurance company) will provide the security and pay a premium according to terms and conditions.

In today’s article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about insurance documents, describing what insurance documents are, and the major types available. Plus, we can also provide a reliable solution if you need high-quality insurance document translation services in the UK.

What are the insurance documents?

An insurance document is a legal agreement between two parties, the insurer and the insured. This document provides evidence of the contract between the two parties and can also give rights to the insurer against insurance protection.

There are a range of types of insurance documents that are used for different kinds of insurance. Every type of insurance document is important for all insurance businesses.

Understanding the major types of insurance documents

There are mainly three types of insurance documents – Certificate of Insurance, Insurance Policy, and Insurance Broker’s Note. Let’s discuss each type in detail.

  • Insurance Policy

An Insurance Policy is a type of insurance document or insurance contract that is issued by an insurance company to a policyholder. It is a legally binding written document that includes all the terms and conditions of the contract on which the insured can claim compensation from the insurer. In short, an insurance policy acts as legal evidence of the insurance document.

  • Certificate of Insurance

The Certificate of Insurance, also known as Cover Note, provides important evidence of insurance although unlike the Insurance Policy, it does not set out the necessary terms and conditions of insurance. It acts as actual proof that the goods have been covered under a master policy.

  • Insurance Broker’s Note

This type of insurance document does not act as evidence of the insurance contract as it indicates the pending issuance of the insurance policy.

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How can you analyze your daily bank statements?

In this modern era of technology, online banking has become the easiest and most convenient to transfer money and review bank statements. If you want your business to achieve a better cash flow, one strategy is to analyze your bank account statement as this lists all your payments and receipts, and also helps you adjust the differences in the records of an account holder and the cash balance shown at the end of the bank statement.

In today’s guide, we discuss what exactly a bank statement is, how you can use your daily bank statements to apply for a mortgage, and why you need to provide bank statements to mortgage lenders. In the end, we will also show you the best way to arrange a translation of your bank statement, if you need to interact with overseas lenders who will require translations of your financial records.

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement is an important document that provides a summary of the financial transactions of an account within  a specific time period. The bank statement, also known as account statement, is usually sent by the bank to the account holder, and includes all the necessary information such as the account number, statement period, opening and closing balance of the time period and a detailed list of all your deposits and withdrawals for a specific month. This statement is very important if you want to keep track of your spending. If you find any suspicious activity and inaccuracy, you may report this issue to your financial institution.

Each item of the bank statement includes the name of the payer and the payee along with a transaction date.

Why do mortgage lenders in the UK ask for bank statements?

Most mortgage lenders require a bank statement translation attached to a mortgage application so the lender can assess your income and monthly withdrawals. In this way, they can calculate whether you can afford to pay back the mortgage loan. Other lenders will often also ask for a bank statement in certain circumstances.

Mortgage lenders as well as underwriters require a bank statement translation so they can assess the availability of funds, the overall deposits and also your monthly income and outgoings.

If you are self-employed – for example, if you are a contractor or you own a business – your bank statement translation provides proof to the lenders that you have a steady and reliable source of income. It is a common practice nowadays that every mortgage lender will expect you to submit bank statements going back three to six months so they have a consistent record of your earnings.

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Tips for Writing a Good CV

So, you are looking for a new job and you’re very excited about your prospects for the future.  You have submitted your CV for your dream job and now you are eagerly awaiting a call to arrange an interview. BUT days have passed and nobody has called! Now you must be wondering whether you made any mistakes along the way. The first thing to check is your CV, to ensure it presents all your career experience and qualifications in the most professional way.

Your CV, an acronym for Curriculum Vitae, is an extremely important document, essential for  convincing a new employer that you are the right candidate for the job. It is, in fact, a record of your education, work experience, achievements and skills. A successful CV incorporates all the key points of your education and career background, and sells your abilities to potential employers.

This guide will provide all the essential tips and techniques for writing a good CV based the approved standard method used in the UK. If you are based in a foreign country and need to translate your CV in another language, you will benefit from the services of a leading translation agency in the UK, who will ensure that the translated version will comply with the approved structure.

What is a CV? Tips and Techniques

A CV is essential for job hunting. When a CV is presented correctly and demonstrates that your career history makes you a good fit for the job position, you may be called for an interview. When your CV is not so well-written, you will face a higher risk of rejection, regardless of your skills and experience. There are several tips and techniques that must be followed while writing a CV.

Never repeat the information in the CV that you have already mentioned in your cover letter. Use professional fonts, based on standard CV format acceptable in the UK, you must use professional fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial with a size from 10 to 12, and avoid fonts such as Comic Sans. Use clear language and avoid using jargon as the person reading a CV may not be an expert in the field.

Writing a good CV | Important sections

It is always most effective to write a CV in bullet points, using short sentences and paragraphs so it can be read quickly and easily, and the essential information stands out. If a CV is presented in an essay format with long sentences, it will not be so easy to read, and important facts may be overlooked, so this style is never recommended.

There are some important sections that must be included in your CV.

1) The first section should present your contact details such as name, contact number and address. It is not necessary to include your photo or date of birth unless you are applying for a job that specifically requires a photograph as part of the application.

2) The next section in your CV is the Profile, which is an objective or a summary of your attributes, demonstrating how your skills and experience make you a perfect fit for the relevant job position.

3) Next, you list your qualifications or work experience, in chronological order starting with the most recent role. Skip the work experience section if you do not have a previous work history but make sure you do include any experience that is relevant to the job in question.

4) Once you have written about your education and experience, you may write about your hobbies, achievements and skills.

5) It is not necessary to mention that references would be provided upon request nor do you need to provide the names of referees.

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How to create and promote compelling Facebook posts

Facebook is a great social networking platform used by people from all around the world so they can communicate and share with one another. More than 50 percent of Facebook’s international audience uses a language other than English. It is extremely beneficial to translate your Facebook posts into different languages, so you can communicate with this international audience and to keep your message clear and accurate.

Today’s guide will explain everything about Facebook posts, and you will also come to know which translation agency to choose if you are based in the UK and need Facebook post translation services.

How do you create compelling Facebook posts?

Facebook pages are a great way to share your message to a large group of people even if they speak different languages. To make the posts more interactive, it is always recommended that you use creative and unique images or videos. In fact, the standout visuals in Facebook posts are very important – without these visuals, your post will just look like a shopping store without a display window. Keep your Facebook posts clear and simple, and avoid using jargon. People do not like to read long posts so keep it short, preferably at the recommended length of 80 to 160 characters. Rather than posting on weekdays, schedule your posts for the weekend when people have more time to browse on social media, so they will be more likely to click on your post.

When someone takes action after reading your post – by commenting or clicking on a link – this is called converting. Your goal is to make all your posts as high-converting as possible. One key strategy for creating high-converting posts is to include a unique, compelling, and strong call to action. Before you write each post, you need to decide what action you want your audience to take – do you want them to click on the link, or share the post or leave a comment? Write the content in a way that encourages them to follow the clear call to action. Using relevant hashtags and emoji is another way to create engaging Facebook posts.

Boosting the Facebook posts

Now, you can reach a large audience by boosting your Facebook posts. You may select the existing audience following your current page or you may select a new audience.

Your next step is to set a budget for how much you will spend on a boost or a promotion per day.

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Power of Attorney – What is it? What are the types? How to get the best services for Power of Attorney translation?

A Power of Attorney is a crucial document that enables you to delegate a trusted person to take  care of your medical, property, and financial affairs if you ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot make decisions independently. If you are aged 18 or older, you are entitled to manage your legal decisions yourself, and you can also appoint a person who can manage your affairs on your behalf in the future if circumstances prevent you from being able to act independently.

The person who has an authority to make decisions on your behalf is called the “Attorney” and you will be known as the “Principal or Donor”.

This post explains the purpose of Power of Attorney (POA), the major types of POA in the United Kingdom, and how you can arrange the best professional Power of Attorney translation services in the UK.

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)?

A Power of Attorney is an important legal document that authorises the person named as an attorney to act on behalf of another person known as the principal.  For example, the attorney or an agent can make important legal decisions on behalf of a principal if he is unable to sign any legal document due to disability or illness. These legal decisions made by the agent or attorney would relate to the principal’s  financial, property, or medical affairs. It is important to keep in mind that not all Power of Attorneys are created equal. There are several types of POAs that provide different levels of control to the attorney.

Understanding the different categories of Power of Attorney | Types

Until 2007, one of the most common types of Power of Attorney was the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) and people would use an EPA to appoint  an attorney who would manage their business affairs. When Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs) were introduced by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, people started using them rather than EPAs.

EPAs remained valid until the year 2007 but at present, the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is considered valid.

(LPA) Lasting Power of Attorney

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney. One is Personal Welfare LPA and the other is Property and Financial Affairs LPA. Personal welfare LPA gives an attorney the authority to make your medical-related or day-to-day decisions if you are unable to make them on your own. For example, they can make decisions related to your medical treatment or the logistics of managing your daily routine if you are no longer physically independent.

With a Property and Financial Affairs LPA, the attorney is authorised to make decisions on your behalf regarding property or financial affairs such as paying your bills, signing legal documents, or collecting payments.

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Everything you need to know about User Manuals

When customers purchase a product or service, they are generally given a user manual, also known as a user guide or user documentation. This user manual is a technical document intended help the non-technical consumer solve problems independently without consulting an  expert. When created effectively, a user manual will present a range of detailed yet comprehensive information so customers can learn how to use a product or make the most of a service. In addition, visual data is also provided, making it easier for the customer to understand the relevant information.

This document can be extremely beneficial, especially when using technology-based products, such as hardware, software, electronic goods or an IT system.  Yet only a few people actually open a user manual and read it before operating a new device. Some people actually throw out the instruction manual without even opening it.   User manuals have a massive role in this age of smart technology, as the way we live and work is transforming, so there are many benefits to  reading a good user manual.

In today’s post, we will explore what user manuals are,  the kind of information they present, and how to write a good user manual. You will also learn how a good user manual may be helpful if you have purchased a new product or a service. Last but not the least, we have an amazing reliable solution for you in case you need user manual translation services.

What are the benefits of reading a good user manual?

Most people who open a new product are so excited that they forget to read a user manual and start operating the product without even knowing how to use it. The user manual will show you how to operate your device and help you solve any problems without requiring technical support.

Most people claim that there is no reason to read the user manual as they can learn about their new gadgets from the internet.  This is not correct. While the internet may give you plenty of information to help you resolve any issues with your product, you could find yourself stranded without any internet connection or the product website could be down.  In this situation, you are better off relying on the hard copy of your user manual, which contains all the information you need about your specific product.

How should an excellent user manual should be written?

Most people agree that a user manual should be written by someone with a strong command of the English language and a wide vocabulary. However, deep comprehensive research skills are actually even more important than a fluent knowledge of English.

The first step to writing a good user manual is to identify your target audience and assess their level of technical knowledge, so you can work out how to present technical terms in the manual. If your target audience is not technically proficient, you must avoid using technical terms or at least explain them in very simple language. The next stage of writing the manual is to explain the various processes, step by step. As people usually refer to user manuals when they have a problem, try to provide a detailed solution to various problems. To make the manual easy to read, break long paragraphs into short ones and add an index, so the user can look up the exact page for reference.

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COVID-19 Update | How to Book Translation Services during Quarantine

Looking for translation services during this time of coronavirus pandemic? Kings of Translation is open for business!

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on businesses as well as the entire UK economy. Many people in the UK and around the world are wondering how to arrange translation services while most businesses remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are in the UK and  seeking professional translation services right now, you’ll be glad to know that you are in the perfect location. Yes, you read this correctly! Our translation agency, Kings of Translation, is open for business. As a leading translation agency in the UK, we can provide expert translation of documents, including technical translations, medical translations, scientific translations, financial translations and translations of websites and marketing material.

Translation Services during Quarantine

The UK government has implemented a range of restrictions to protect everybody’s health and keep the community safe during the coronavirus outbreak. In order to protect the safety of the community and comply with the Government’s lockdown orders, most businesses and individuals are currently providing their services online. This way, their employees can work remotely, staying safe without impacting business productivity. Kings of Translation is no exception. Our highly experienced expert team of translators are working remotely, providing prompt, accurate and affordable translation services, while maintaining the safety of our clients.  

Our team has fully adapted to the current situation, so we can keep our business running and reduce any disruption to service. We would like to thank our translators for demonstrating such creativity and flexibility in their response to this situation.   

Stay safe and healthy!

The world seems to be smaller than ever due to the outbreak of COVID-19. In order to assist our clients who need to hire a translator, we are working from home so that the current pandemic does not prevent you from arranging translations of your personal and legal documentation when required. To arrange quality services at the most cost-effective prices, you can contact us by phone on 075 1798 6633 or email . Alternately you can contact us by messenger.  While our reception desk at the office is currently closed, we do accept documents for translation via email. You can also request a quote for services without leaving your home or office and we will provide a price offer within 15 minutes. All your written translations will be delivered to your home. There is no need to wait! Order now to receive the fastest document translation available. 

Translation Services during Quarantine

We would like to thank you for your continued support, and we wish you good health during this time. We will update you once our business operations return to normal.

Last Updated: May 25, 2020

A Complete Overview of Medical Records

A medical record is the detailed written record that your doctor makes every time you visit to discuss a health issue. Your doctor’s assistant maintains a record file in which they add all the updated notes about your health issues. Many health care centres keep the patient record information in an electronic format so that it is easily accessible whenever required. These records are known as electronic health records or EHRs.

What is medical record all about?

Medical records are essential information maintained and stored by every health centre. The doctor can check the medical record to learn the patient’s history. With electronic records, medical health care centres can easily keep the data safe. For example, if your dermatologist or physician wants to prescribe some medication, they can check the record first. Doctors check the records to see if a new prescription could possibly react with other medications that you are already taking. These records help providers to give patients the best care.  

What elements are included in the medical record?

Your Medical record is a very important document recording your health history throughout the decades. These records reflect your overall health issues and recoveries. The main elements that are included in the medical record are:

1) Identity of the patient: Every medical record must begin with identifying information about the patient, such as name, date of birth, social security or government-issued ID number.
2) Past health history: Every doctor will check the medical history before proceeding with the health check-up.  Doctors review the history which includes past or present diagnosis, medical care, treatments, and allergies. Before prescribing any new medication, it is necessary to check the health history first.
3) Past family history: Family history plays a vital role in health, as some health issues are inherited and this information could help a doctor make a diagnosis. Therefore, the patient’s family history is an important part of the medical record.

How can you manage/organize medical records easily?

Management of medical records is essential. You can easily create your own medical file and update it regularly. Whenever you visit the doctor, make sure you record the visit and prescription in your own notes as well. This way, you can always check the particular file yourself whenever necessary.

We offer the best services of medical records translation:

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Tradução Certificada de Certidão de Casamento em Português para Inglês

Uma tradução certificada é definida como a tradução de um documento legal, como uma certidão de casamento ou nascimento, que irá precisar de apresentar para fins oficiais. Se estiver a mudar-se para um país diferente, irá precisar de uma tradução dos seus documentos oficiais. Para garantir uma tradução exata e profissional, não vai querer comprometer a qualidade – documentos legais como estes só devem ser traduzidos por um tradutor qualificado, que seja membro de uma associação profissional.

O inglês é a língua oficial em Londres e é falado por cerca de 98% da população, portanto, qualquer documentação legal, como uma certidão de casamento, deve ser apresentada em inglês. Uma certidão de casamento é um documento essencial, necessário para imigração, viagens, seguros, empréstimos bancários e outros fins, portanto, se a certidão de casamento original estiver escrita em português, será necessário ter uma tradução certificada em inglês antes de se mudar para Londres. O português é uma língua rara que só é reconhecida oficialmente em algumas áreas do mundo, portanto, enquanto estiver a viver ou a trabalhar em Londres, irá precisar de uma tradução em inglês da sua certidão de casamento.

A importância de uma certidão de casamento:

Uma certidão de casamento é um documento legal que contém informações específicas sobre os cônjuges, incluindo os seus nomes completos e idades, juntamente com a data do casamento, a idade de cada parceiro no momento do casamento e a sua morada naquele momento. É um documento extremamente importante se estiver a começar uma família, dado que precisa de apresentar a certidão de casamento quando solicitar as certidões de nascimento para os seus filhos. Também irá precisar de apresentar a sua certidão de casamento se o seu cônjuge morrer ou se quiser divorciar-se ou casar novamente depois de o primeiro casamento ter terminado. Uma vez que irá precisar da sua certidão de casamento em diversas situações legais, é essencial ter uma tradução certificada da sua certidão de casamento em português para inglês antes de começar a sua vida em Londres.

Outros motivos legais para apresentar a sua certidão de casamento:

Para além de ser necessário apresentar a sua certidão de casamento quando houver alterações significativas na sua família, também irá precisar de apresentá-la quando quiser viajar ou negociar com uma instituição financeira.
Deve apresentar uma versão em inglês da sua certidão de casamento se precisar de solicitar um visto de turista ou de residência permanente. Se já residir na Grã-Bretanha e quiser apoiar o seu cônjuge para a residência permanente, a imigração irá solicitar uma cópia autenticada em inglês da sua certidão de casamento. A certidão de casamento deve ser traduzida para inglês, uma vez que a maioria dos países requer uma versão em inglês de documentos legais e esta regra é particularmente aplicável na Grã-Bretanha, dado que o inglês é a língua oficial.
Uma certidão de casamento será útil quando solicitar qualquer tipo de empréstimo, quer esteja na Grã-Bretanha ou em qualquer lugar do mundo. Como prova do seu estado civil, a sua certidão de casamento fornece informações pessoais essenciais sobre o seu cônjuge, ajudando os bancos a tomar uma decisão informada sobre a concessão do seu empréstimo bancário.
Uma certidão de casamento também será importante quando quiser fazer um seguro de saúde. O seu cônjuge tem a opção de indicá-lo como beneficiário do seu seguro, portanto, a companhia de seguros irá solicitar a sua certidão de casamento em inglês para confirmar o seu estado como beneficiário.

Tradutor certificado:

Dado que uma certidão de casamento é um documento legal importante, precisa de um tradutor certificado e totalmente qualificado para fornecer uma tradução certificada exata da sua documentação, de modo a evitar complicações legais. O tradutor deve ter um forte domínio das línguas portuguesa e inglesa, juntamente com a formação legal e experiência para traduzir a certidão de casamento com exatidão, mantendo o seu estado legal.

Traduzione della documentazione rilasciata dalla UK NARIC

Che cos’è la UK NARIC

UK NARIC è un ente nazionale con sede nel Regno Unito, responsabile del riconoscimento e del confronto dei titoli di studio internazionali e altre qualifiche per conto del governo britannico. UK NARIC supporta diverse organizzazioni tra cui college, università e dipendenti impiegati. Questo ente offre anche formazione sul processo di assunzione per dipendenti e studenti. Chiunque può abbonarsi e ricevere accesso ai dati online e approfittare dei vari corsi di formazione offerti. Abbonarsi è utile sia per gli utenti occasionali, sia per coloro che desiderano utilizzare le risorse in modo regolare.

Perché è necessaria la certificazione della UK NARIC?

Dal 6 aprile 2016, la certificazione della UK NARIC è obbligatoria per tutti i richiedenti del permesso di soggiorno a tempo indeterminato (in inglese abbreviato con la sigla ILR) o del visto, quindi tutti i richiedenti devono far autenticare dalla NARIC i documenti attestanti le loro qualifiche. Questo certificato dimostra che i titoli di studio posseduti sono equivalenti agli standard britannici. Se non si dispone del certificato rilasciato dalla NARIC, il visto o la domanda di soggiorno non saranno accettati. Kings of Translation fornisce servizi di traduzione richiesti per i documenti rilasciati dalla UK NARIC a prezzi competitivi. Contatta Kings of Translation per avere più informazioni.

Quando bisogna richiedere la traduzione dei documenti rilasciati dalla UK NARIC?

Quando si richiede il visto, bisogna presentare i documenti relative alle proprie qualifiche per farli autenticare dalla UK NARIC. In base alle regole stabilite il 6 aprile 2016, la domanda per ottenere il visto non sarà accettata senza il certificato rilasciato dalla NARIC. Tutti i titoli di studio devono riportare i titoli equivalenti inglesi per ottenere il visto. Quando si fa richiesta del visto, è necessario possedere una dichiarazione scritta e approvata dalla NARIC. Il documento approvato deve dichiarare che le qualifiche possedute siano equivalenti agli standard britannici. L’elaborazione delle applicazioni dei permessi di soggiorno può essere costosa e richiedere molto tempo.

Ricevi una traduzione professionale dei documenti rilasciati dalla UK NARIC

Kings of Translation fornisce i servizi di traduzione della documentazione rilasciata dalla UK NARIC . Grazie a un team di traduttori professionisti, potrai ricevere traduzioni di alta qualità, a prezzi davvero ragionevoli e competitivi. Inoltre, la nostra agenzia di traduzione offre una vasta combinazione di lingue diverse. Kings of Translation si avvale di traduttori professionisti in varie aree, tra cui giurisprudenza, finanza, medicina, informatica e ingegneria; in questo modo, siamo in grado di garantire che il materiale tradotto sia della massima qualità. Indipendentemente dalla complessità del documento, i nostri traduttori esperti produrranno una traduzione che rispetti il formato e la struttura del documento di origine, senza comprometterne la qualità, così da soddisfare le esigenze del cliente.

Contatta King of Translation per tradurre il tuo documento

Quando si richiede il permesso di soggiorno è necessario possedere la traduzione dei documenti rilasciati dalla UK NARIC. I documenti attestanti i titoli di studio devono essere autenticati e verificati dalla NARIC per confermarne l’equivalenza con gli standard britannici. Se vuoi tradurre la documentazione rilasciata dalla NARIC a un prezzo ragionevole, contatta Kings of Translation.Anche tu puoi far verificare i tuoi titoli di studio dalla NARIC oggi stesso.

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A Quick Guide to Separation Agreement Documentation

Life is always changing, and you will go through good times and bad times. One of the most difficult challenges in life is facing the fact that a long-term relationship is no longer happy or mutually supportive.  When your relationship problems seem irreparable, you may not feel ready to end the relationship permanently, so separation is a practical alternative.
In these circumstances, you need a deed of separation that sets some legal parameters, protecting your finances. Going through the separation process or ending a relationship through divorce can be extremely painful, yet legal protection through a separation agreement can help simplify the situation.

Everything you should know about the separation agreement

A separation agreement is a legal document, and it is important for you to understand all the details of your agreement. This deed of separation is another form of the separation agreement, made for those who are not ready for divorce but do want a separation. A separation agreement can also be established on a temporary basis, for example, so the estranged couple can agree on how to manage mortgage payments or any other outgoings.
This agreement makes the divorce process much easier as half of the process is already covered in the separation agreement. The separation agreement includes financial worth and marital assets. It also covers the pension and ownership of the matrimonial home as agreed between the persons. The separation process is less painful and not costly at all.

How can a separation agreement make your divorce easier?

The process of separation agreement simplifies divorce, as most of the terms and requirements already have been handled as part of the separation agreement. Also, a legal separation enables you to maintain your married status if this is important to you for religious reasons.  The separation agreement enables a couple to take their time before filing for divorce. During the separation phase, you can try repairing your relationship before heading towards divorce. But if you do decide to go for divorce, the separation agreement makes your divorce easier, as you have already completed some of the requirements. It saves you time and cost as well.

What are the requirements of the separation agreement?

To receive the separation agreement translation, you must follow a few requirements first. You need to fill out the form by answering some basic questions. This form must be filled once you agree as a couple to separate your responsibilities. The form includes the queries on the following issues:

1) Spouse maintenance payments – required if one partner agrees to maintain financial support of the other partner.  
2) Child custody – covering which parent will live full-time with the children with themselves, and when the other parent will schedule visits with the children.
3) Child support – outlining how the parents will share financial support the children and how much payment will be provided for maintenance.  
4) Health insurance – outlining which parent will be liable for the health insurance for their children and so on.

We offer the best services of separation agreement translation

Sometimes when you cannot see any way to repair your relationship, a separation agreement becomes the only choice. Kings of Translation offer the best services for translating your separation agreements. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you require a translation of your separation agreement documentation; let us handle the matter and reduce your worries. Our contact number is 075 1798 6633.

How does a certificate of qualification help you gain employment?

A certificate of qualification is not just a fancy piece of paper – it is an extremely important asset when you are looking for a job. Your future employer will ask to see any qualification certificates at the time of interview, to assess whether you have the formal qualifications for the job in question. The certificate helps the employer learn more about your skills and other abilities, and can be the difference between landing a job you want, or seeing it go to a more qualified candidate.   

What does a qualification certificate say about you?

While there are plenty of skills you can learn independently, a qualification certificate makes these skills more visible and authentic to a future employer. The certification demonstrates that you were capable of reading and understanding all the instructions and completing the relevant tasks. You may develop certain skills without studying for a certificate or a degree, but without that certificate, you will find it more difficult to gain employment. When you have a certificate, employers will find it easier to assess your eligibility for a certain role, confident that you have the skills and experience to fulfil all the requirements of the position. In many countries, young people today are considered more qualified than young people of earlier times, giving them greater opportunities to progress in their career and master new skills.   

How do you gain a qualification certificate?

The simple way to gain the qualification certificate is to apply to the institute or contact their exam board, once you have fulfilled all the requirements for qualification. You will need to prove your identity and pay the relevant fees. Within a few months, the exam board will issue your certificate, which will provide all the information about your qualifications, including your grade and the date you completed the course.

What elements are included in qualification certificate?

The qualification certificate consists of three sections, beginning with the most important element – the identity of the individual who earned the qualification.  The individual’s full name must be spelled correctly, so it is important to check the institute has the correct spelling of your name before the certificate is issued, as it can be difficult to replace the certificate if there is some kind of error. Another most important element is the digital signature of a person who verified the content of the certificate, who is known as the issuer. The signature must be valid, and the software must pass the process of the certificate, to prove that the certificate is authentic.

The second section of the certificate relates to the information about your degree or qualification, including your passing grade. The final section of the certificate is known as a root certificate where the signature, issue number, and name of the issuer are mandatory.

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