What Is The Metaverse – How Much Do You Know About The Subject?

by William Reid

The Metaverse seems like the newest trend in the tech world today, yet many people still do not know anything about it. As a technology that will provide an enhanced platform for cryptocurrencies, video conferencing, VR, live streaming, social media, gaming, and email where they can combine seamlessly, a significant part of our lives will be based on this virtual world in no time. There is so much to expect soon as far as the Metaverse technology is concerned. This article will help us take a deeper look at the subject – what is the metaverse – in a dimension that can be easily understood by everyone.

What is the metaverse

What Is The Metaverse?

Offering you an explicit definition of what the Metaverse means may not be possible at the moment because this is a tech that is still being worked on as of today. But, for a concise definition, you can think of the Metaverse as a 3D version of the web. One of the aims of this technology is to bring businesses closer to the information and tools they need to succeed.

According to a disclosure that was made by Facebook, the Metaverse refers to a virtual environment that can allow you to interact with others who are not close to you. The Metaverse platform will enable users to do many things through virtual reality technology.

For instance, somebody can create an avatar and use that avatar to partake in virtual meetings. They can also use Metaverse apps to accomplish other objectives. The metaverse is not only about work or office-related matters, as it equally makes provision for people to buy things online via a virtual market.

What is the metaverse

Who is Behind The Metaverse?

After successfully wrapping your head around what the metaverse is, the next natural thing is to know those who are behind this project. From the news making the rounds, it is easy to guess the biggest investor in the metaverse project – Meta. While we all know Meta to play a huge role in this project, they are not the only investors. It has been reported that NVIDIA’s Omniverse is expected to manage most of the technology’s framework. It goes without mentioning that other names involved in this include Unity Software, Epic Games Inc., Roblox Corps, and Microsoft. The aforementioned firms are looking at how they can use the metaverse concept to create new products for their teeming customers.

Metaverse apps are going to be flooding our world pretty soon. The explosion will not be any different from what we are having with the evolution of mobile applications. Many companies will be seeking experts and consultancy services to help them get aboard the metaverse ship. And let’s not forget about role of cryptos and payment services since it will be impossible for this to happen without the facilitation of virtual cross-border transactions.

What Are The Likely Origins Of The Metaverse?

In a way, we have been playing with the metaverse concept for a couple of decades. The idea is not new. It has been implied in several movies such as “Ready Player One” and “The Matrix.” Second Life also implemented a 3D planet, workspaces, and digital economies to explain how the metaverse functions. Minecraft is also doing the same thing.

Final Words

To some, the metaverse is only a fantasy that remains in our heads and the movies. For others, it is as genuine as anything you can touch. It must be pointed out that the metaverse concept is not something that is exclusive to the movies. The metaverse will be like an advanced version of our today’s internet. Another way to see this is that the aim is to add another dimension of reality to the web. As time develops further, one will be able to use our immediate environment to demystify the metaverse meaning better.

What is the metaverse

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