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by Robert White

If you want to learn the Dutch language but do not know where to start, we can help you as this guide will explain all you need to know  about mastering the Dutch language.

Dutch is one of the common yet important languages spoken in the world. The people of Belgium, Netherlands and some areas in South America speak Dutch as their national language. It belongs to the same family as English and German so if you speak English, you probably already have a good grasp of Dutch vocabulary!  This is why Dutch is said to be the easiest language to learn, especially for English speakers. As Dutch is related to German, English and Frisian, learning Dutch will definitely assist you in learning other languages as well.

In this ultimate guide, we will reveal some important facts about the Dutch language. If you are looking for Dutch translation services for any official documents such as a Dutch marriage certificate, we have a solution for you at the end of this guide!

Is it easy to learn Dutch?

While Dutch is said to be the easiest of all languages to learn, it is still important to establish a practical learning strategy and set aside time every day to learn Dutch. To learn the Dutch language, all you need to do is follow some basic guidelines. One of the reasons it is easier than languages such as English or German, is that Dutch does not contain complicated grammatical cases. One of the first steps in learning a language is understanding the grammatical structure and sentence structure, and luckily Dutch has a very simple grammar.  

The most complicated element of learning Dutch is the pronunciation which can be a bit tricky. There are different sounds of g and r used in the Dutch language, so make sure that you have a clear understanding of the Dutch pronunciation of words. Get plenty of practice listening to Dutch being spoken – try listening to a song in Dutch or watch a TV program with Dutch subtitles.

Once you know the basic structure of grammar, tenses and vocabulary in Dutch, you can easily start a basic conversation.  

Comparing Dutch and German

While some people claim that Dutch and German are almost the same language, this is definitely not correct. They are separate languages although they do have similarities, the same way there are similarities between Italian and Spanish.  There are many words that overlap each language, so if you know how to speak German, it will be very easy for you to learn Dutch or vice versa. However, the differences in both languages also lie in pronunciation such as the sound of “ch”, “go” and “sch”. You can also find differences in Dutch and German in terms of singular and plural forms of words.

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