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Translation of German Birth Certificate – What You Should Know

by Robert White
04.01.2021 3 min read
German birth certificate translation1

Did you know German is one of the most spoken languages in the world? Yes, it is true! German is the most accepted language in many countries of the world, especially in Europe, and has more than 100 million speakers all around the globe. There is a great demand for German translation, yet there are a range of challenges in the translation process.

Birth certificates are one of the most important personal documents. They are needed at any stage, for example, when getting married, applying for a visa or passport, or in the case of moving to another country. Often the translation of birth certificates becomes necessary, if you are located in a country with a different official language. There are numerous translation agencies in the UK that provide certified translations of birth certificates from German into other languages, although you do need to be careful to book an agency that will deliver a translation that meets the highest professional standard.

While not everyone can learn German to the standard required to become a translator, you still have the option of learning German to improve your professional status and also for your own pleasure. In this post, you will learn the benefits of learning the German language and how it is different from other languages. This post highlights important information related to the translation of a German birth certificate.

Why is it important to learn German?

German birth certificate translation1

Learning German may help you in various ways. From a business perspective, it can help you improve your relationships by making it easier to communicate with German business partners particularly, as German is a preferred language in intercontinental relations. Understanding German language may increase your job opportunities you can pursue opportunities to work German countries. From an education perspective, Germany offers a large number of scholarships to study in Germany, so, if you have already learned German, you can look for opportunities to study or work there, ultimately getting an edge in the international economy. You can also start a career as a translator after learning the German language.

Moreover, if you want to explore German-speaking countries, you will have a greater sense of independence if you are proficient in German. You will be free to explore different German-speaking countries and learn more about their culture, ultimately broadening your horizon. In short, learning a new language not only helps you to discover the history and culture of a country, but you can also learn more about yourself as well.  

How German is different from other languages?

German is  the official language of Germany. People also speak it in various parts of Central Europe, including Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. There are several similarities between the German and English languages, although there are some differences as well, based on alphabets, verb tenses, sounds, the use of articles, and the sentence structure. The nouns in English have the same articles, whereas the German language has gendered nouns. Moreover, German does not have any silent letters unlike English. English sentences can be short, consisting of as few as three words, whereas, in German, a minimum of four or five words are needed to make a sentence.

German birth certificate translation1
German birth certificate translation

The German and Dutch languages belong to the same linguistic family. If we compare German with Dutch, both languages have different spelling rules, pronunciation, phonetics  and grammatical structure,  Dutch has a simple grammatical structure and word order in comparison to German. The most common difference between German and Dutch lies in the letter “G.” In Dutch, G is pronounced as “ch” in English, and in German, G sounds like G in “green” of English.

How can translation centers help you with German birth certificate translation?

If you wish German birth certificate translation into another language in order to apply for a visa or passport, or some other reason., you must contact a translation center to ensure the translation meets professional standards. If you are based in the UK, you can’t go past Kings of Translation for professionalism and experience.  Kings of Translation is a recognised translation agency that provides various translation services throughout the United Kingdom. At King’s, we provide professional and accurate translations of German birth certificates. The whole process of translation is very easy. You don’t even need to send your original German birth certificate. Just send a clear photo of your birth certificate and then wait for one or two days. We will keep your documents safe and maintain the utmost confidentiality. 

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